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The George Wrapper: An Ethnic Fashion Statement

The George wrapper is one of the most important and elegant piece of clothing favoured by mostly women from the South South and South Eastern parts of Nigeria.

Originally from India where it was used to make saris, the fabric has since gone on to become highly favoured by almost all ethnic groups in Nigeria and among the young and the old.

A two-piece affair, it is often worn with a stylish sewn blouse and a head tie that gives off a glam look and not to mention that it is quite the fashion staple that can never be replaced by western wears.

Care must however be taken when tying the two -piece George. Tie it wrongly and your movement becomes hindered. The trick is being able to tie the inner one perfectly and in in its full length. Tie with legs spread apart for ease of movement and also tie the upper one short enough to create that distinct look. Be careful not to tie the shorter one too tight as well.

Because of the delicate nature of the George wrapper, with all of the intricate beadings and stones, avoid washing it too often. Air dry after each use and only hand wash carefully with a laundry bar soap after several uses. Unsure you can hand wash it yourself? Take it to a professional dry cleaner who is well versed in handling materials of a delicate nature like the George wrapper.

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