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The Deity Has Been Demystified

Ba maso! Ba mayi! (We don’t want! We are not doing)These are the typical words you hear being chanted when politicians whom the people are dissatisfied with are around. The words that the citizens of the Northern part of Nigeria shout out with defiance to leaders they consider as failures.
It sends a clear message to the people it is used against that indeed they have failed in every ramifications and on the “sympathy” visit to Borno by the President he got an earful of those words.

The anger and disdain with which the people shouted those words at the moving convoy of the President is enough to be a wake up call to anyone who has an ounce of desire to be a leader rather than a ruler or a dictator.

The myth and hold Rtd Major General Buhari has over the people has since been broken. It is one thing for that myth and hold to be broken and it is another thing for people to take action in acknowledging the myth had been broken and also voice it out defiantly. It is not just on the streets, it is also on social media.

It is quite heartbreaking seeing those who believed so much in the President and defended him even attacked others on his behalf now defiantly call out his failure. It means Nigeria lost. It would have been much better for Nigeria if there was something worth its while about this government and we are forced to say those who believed in him are the ones who are right.
The killings have become unbearable for the people. The lies are no longer sustainable and the media blackout cannot be sustained forever. With each killing the people are getting angrier and angrier and the sentiments are fast disappearing. Everyday brings more killings and everyday brings new victims and families of victims. It is becoming apparent to all that there is no discrimination in being a victim. Everyone has the potential to be a victim and it is only a matter of time. The more these attacks happen the more likely people are to becoming victims.

I did not punch Agbowu of Ogbaagba – Oluwo of Iwo

The insensitivity of the government towards the plight of the people has also gotten a lot of people into an angry state and they are no longer afraid to speak out and be heard. The feeling of betrayal the people are feeling is quite pronounced especially those who gave him a second chance thinking the President would acknowledge their belief in him and work hard to give good governance people are yearning for. Sadly the reverse has been the case. The President has worsened in how he governs the country. He seems to have delegated his powers and is focused on travelling around the globe and drinking tea with Royalty. He wants to enjoy the perks of office but not the burden of leadership.

While the citizens of Nigeria are being killed, their President has been eager to be at every meeting abroad that he can be at. It doesn’t matter whether the meeting is important or not. As long as it involves travelling abroad then the President is in. The things that leaders who know the worth of leadership cut short their trips and return home for are the things our own President leave the country unattended. He hardly ever says anything and when he does it is usually because the high and mighty are involved. Yet it is the grassroot citizens that vote and put their lives on the line.
This is just the beginning and if the President knows what is good for him is to change his ways and begin to govern with competence, character and capacity. Enough of being away from his duty post. Citizens are tired and the anger is building up. It is chants today but tomorrow it might be worse. There is so much the citizens can endure without doing something back.
The Nigerian citizens are tired of being taken for granted and they are beginning to fight back. They are beginning to say #EnoughIsEnough and get their rights to be seen as human beings and dignified. This is what the #NaijaCallOfShame is all about where citizens are asked to ensure they let rulers who fail them know exactly what they think of them. It is important for citizens to let them know of their displeasure at what they are doing. You too can do something about the situation in Nigeria. God will not come down and do it for you. Let the failing leaders know of your displeasure at the bad governance in Nigeria and also the insecurity in Nigeria. The reason why they do nothing is because of your silence which they have taken as consent

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