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Taraba: What does Darius really want


Although, there are no less than 11 candidates, who are said to be seeking to occupy the Taraba government house in Jalingo, come May 29, this year, at least by INEC records.
It is however clear that only three,or thereabout out of the lot can really be said to be candidates, or if you like, front runners, the rest can best be described as ‘waka pass’ candidates, and this can even be narrowed down to two , considering the current political reality on ground.
The three frontline candidates in no particular order, though you are free to draw your conclusion, are; David Sabo Kente, of Social Democratic Party(SDP), Sen. Aisha Alhassan, of All Progressive Congress(APC) and Arc. Darius Dickson Ishaku, of Peoples Democratic Party(PDP).
Of the three, Darius, who is simply known as DDI, stands out in all respect, when one considers their pedigree in terms of achievements; both career and at the home front, as well as experience and maturity.
This therefore raises the question as to why an architect of Darius standing, with well over three decades of successful practice, and also a fellow of the Nigerian Institute of Architecture(FNIA) and member of Nigerian Institute of Town Planners, who has also lectured and produced several outstanding architects for the country, would venture into the muddy waters of the Nigerian politics.
This question is even more pertinent, when one also considers that until his voluntary exit from the federal executive council late last year, DDI, was a serving minister, and had served in three critical ministries of the federal republic, and by all standard, he was outstanding, with remarkable results that still bear witness to his achievement.
Prior to his appointment as a minister, DDI, was managing a very successful business, which has outlets in Abuja, Kaduna, Jos, just to mention a few.
This further begs the question as to what does Darius really want in Taraba State,or could it be that he is one of those who lack the virtue of containment?.
In his “my dream for a new Taraba in four years”, DDI, notes as follows; “Taraba is a naturally endowed state in Nigeria, filled with both human and natural resources; beautifully tucked amongst mountains.
“many have ruled the state at different times, leaving their marks. Yet, with all these efforts, Taraba State remains like a child needing more attention than it is getting; desiring desperately a sincere visionary leadership to harness it’s vast resources for tangible development.”
This obviously provide an insight into the mind and thinking of DDI, and his desire for a state such as Taraba, which is natures’ gift to the nation.
World over, particularly in societies that have made so much progress, political leadership, often emerge from among individuals who have achieved in their chosen carriers, and would usually venture into politics with the sole aim of service, or given back to the societies that have made them who they are, which explains why they have advanced so well, and are still advancing with such speed that can only be compared with that of light.
Because,they usually bring into governance their wealth of experience that are driven by sound ideas, which help transform their societies that we today envy, and are quick to turn to for almost everything.
This is why for many of us, the venturing into politics of the likes of Darius Dickson Ishaku, is not only healthy, but also a sign of good things to come, especially now that Nigeria is desirous of imaginative and visionary leaders, who would not only be committed, but equally give more attention to the societies they lead.
For those who know the man DDI, he is a diligent man, a workaholic, who is full of an unimaginable energy, who always loves and dedicate himself to any assignment he is tasked with.
Taraba, like many states in the country is potentially rich, yet have ironically remain endemically poor, recording the worse indices in almost every aspect in the whole of North-east zone of the country, simply as a result of poor quality leadership, which is why it cannot afford anything short of it’s first eleven this time around.
Looking at the three front candidates, each has his or her qualities that cannot be wished away, yet DDI stands taller, especially when one considers the fact he is the only one who has served at the highest policy,decision and implementation in the land.
As a representative of the state at the federal level, Darius was always confronted with the challenge of mediating peace between communities in the state, just as he was also confronted with other developmental challenges of the state.
With this, no patriotic citizen, can just sit back and do nothing, hence, Darius’ decision to venture into the slippery political environment, with the aim of rescuing and restoring Taraba to it’s rightful place, and also set the pace for others to follow.
Throughout the campaign period, he has been the only consistent candidate,who has so far diagnosis problems bedeviling the state, and also articulated a clear vision on how to rescue,and pull it out of it’s present condition,by utilizing all it’s potentials for the betterment of all Tarabans.
To him, peace and justice are not negotiable items that everyone in Taraba must enjoy, and that only this can enable development and progress, he is also passionate about youth employment, industrialization, tourism, agriculture,amongst others.
This is what Darius Dickson Ishaku, really wants in Taraba state, nothing more, nothing less

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