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Take Your Place in History, Group Urges Buhari, Osinbajo

The Atayese, a Yoruba self determination group has urged the president-elect, Gen. MuhammaduBuhari and vice president-elect, Professor YemiOsinbajo to take their proud and worthy place in history.

In a statement by TokunboAjasinand  WoleAina, Chairman and Secretary respectively, they said this was necessary as the duo prepare to lead and give leadership here at home in Nigeria and to all Africans wherever they are to be guided always by the Omoluwabi principles of honour and integrity.

According to them, the 2015 elections will go down in the history of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as the first one in which the government of the Federation is a coalition of other nationalities of Nigeria and the Yoruba region.

“Since Nigeria attained independence in 1960 and until now, the Yoruba nation has as a matter of principle, found it impossible, untenable or even unacceptable to be part of what has come to be known as the political mainstream in Nigeria.

“The justification for this, has been and remains the proud and principled insistence of the Yoruba nation and peoples, that governance and governments to be good must reflect and represent the will of the people, be people friendly and dedicated to the pursuit of egalitarianism and modernisation and the consequent improvements to the quality of human life that comes with it.

“In supporting the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the 2015 elections, the Yoruba nation has made an historic move, in a democratic choice to create the first coalition of nationalities north of the Niger-Benue confluence and the Yoruba nation and peoples”, the group said.

They urged elected representatives,  regardless of party affiliation to ensure that the Buhari -Osinbajo  government delivers to the over 300 and more Nigerian nationalities and peoples:         Effective and efficient economic programme for sustainable growth and development; a high and sustained level of social and psychological security.

“Immediate improvements to the international image and stature of Nigeria and Nigerians enshrined and  encased in the projection of the Omoluwabi principles of honour and integrity as the badge of “Nigerianess”, and take immediate  practical steps to restructure Nigeria as a truly democratic union of coequal federating states of the different nationalities and peoples of Nigeria, protecting their rights to God given resources, political autonomy and conditioned by their popular referendum approving same”.


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