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SystemSpecs Lauds CBN Cashless Policy Success

Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, SystemSpecs Company Limited, Mr John Obaro has lauded the Central Bank (CBN) Cashless policy initiative for achieving some feats despite the infrastructural challenges confronting it. Obaro made this remark while speaking to journalists in an interview, stressing that some of the challenges facing the cash policy drive remained infrastructural issues, but it did not stop the rapid spread of e-payment in the country.
“Well, the first thing people always talk about is infrastructural challenges. The mere fact that there are infrastructural challenges has not stopped the rapid growth of e-payment in Nigeria. We are not where we were five years ago. In fact, we are not where we were two years ago. “Therefore, many things are improving. We know we are not yet there, but we should not discountenance the fact that a lot of progress has been made. We cannot wait and say we cannot practice e-payment until everything is perfect because that day will not come. Even if you go to the developed countries, you still have occasional failures.
“You still have communication challenges. It may not be as much as we have here, but they still happen. Therefore, I really would not want us to focus on a glass that is half-empty, let us focus on the portion that is half-full. We have the opportunities with us here, things are happening, and things are getting better. So, let us focus on the fact that it is growing and the challenges that are coming up are not irresolvable. According to him, the initiative has impacted on the masses as it has begun to gain the peoples’ acceptance having seen its benefits.

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