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The synergy between Singer flavor and Blind Semah

…Semah is an incredible act to work with-Flavour
Chinedu Okoli, better known by his stage name Flavour N’abania or simply Flavour, is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and performer. He began his musical career as a drummer for a local church in his hometown of Enugu State and has become a household name in the Nigerian music industry. In few weeks time, Okpara Square in the heart of Enugu State captial will stand still for his Flavour of Africa Live concert in collaboration with blind, talented singer, Semah. In this interview, the multiple award winning artistes sheds more light on the concert, how he discovered Semah and lots more

How did you meet blind Semah?
I was introduced to Semah through Masterkraft and traditional Queen Ruler, Juli Endee during my trip to Liberia last year. Semah performed at the Liberia Peace Cultural Centre. His vocals, intonation and confidence blew me away.

Before meeting him, have you ever considered working with a blind person?
When it comes to music, impairments do not exist, as for me, music is spiritual. Therefore there are no limitations as to whom I choose to work with.

Cohbahms Asuqo is another extraordinarily talented producer and composer that I worked with on “Virtuous Woman” as part of my fifth studio album “Ijele – The Traveler.” There are no bounds to creativity.

flavour and semah

What inspired you to do so now?
I love working with unique artists and talents, Semah fits into this category. Music is all about evolving and going beyond the expected creative boundaries. I’m always inspired to work with such great talent.

What has your experience with Semah taught you about life?
Working with Semah has been incredibly humbling. He is a vibrant young boy, who at a young age is very sure about himself and confident. I admire these qualities about him, which have made it a pleasure to work alongside him on his first E.P. Album titled “Divine”.

How many songs have you done with him?
There are seven songs on our E.P. Album, all of which are uplifting and encouraging songs. Both the audio and video albums are on sale now, both online and normal CD sales.

What are the challenges of working with such a person?
I haven’t really experienced any challenges working with Semah. He doesn’t allow his visual impairment to hinder him in any way.

What were his parent’s reactions when you came into his life?
Semah’s parents have been incredibly supportive from the beginning up until now. Their love and positivity towards their son and his talent is incredibly touching.

What are your plans for your forthcoming event?
Flavour of Africa Live in Enugu will be the first in its Series kicking off in my hometown of Enugu. I don’t want to reveal too much about my plans, it will be an epic show, and my fans and audiences will be thoroughly entertained in a showstopping and spectacular way. It’s happening on tomorrow 31st of March 2018 at Okpara Square, Enugu.

Why did you choose to take the event to the east, Enugu precisely?
Home is where the heart is, Enugu is the first location for the series of Flavour of Africa concerts that will take place in other Nigerian states, African countries and abroad.

With Semah, you do only gospel songs, can you tell us why?
As you know my first musical experience started from Church, and I have never ceased in producing gospel songs from my first album till date with “Divine.” God plays a big part in my life and career, and in joining me and Semah together. It was befitting for all the songs on “Divine” to be Gospel songs.

What should your fans expect from you this year?
As always my fans should expect me to go beyond boundaries with my music and creative visuals.

What’s your greatest achievement as a musician?
To date, I’ve been blessed with so many awards and accolades for my music. The greatest achievement for me, is that my music has given me wonderful opportunities to contribute positively to different African communities, through philanthropy.


  1. Aina Aina April 2, 2018

    I can’t stop crying for joy concerning this wonderful being of a boy God spotted out for greatness through Flavour !

  2. Tosin Tosin April 2, 2018

    Thank u so much for the good work. He is looking so fresh and clean. God bless your good heart Flavour

  3. Tayo Ogunsanya Tayo Ogunsanya April 2, 2018

    Wow congratulations to this lovely boy and to your wonderful boss Flavour May God bless you guys more and more blesing

  4. Co-Ojay Co-Ojay April 2, 2018

    God will make many men see with your voice. Cute boy is a blessing to his generation

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