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Switzerland Hosts PPP Summit for African, EU Counterparts

The first non-political, non-partisan, economics-driven meeting between African and European business communities and government leadership has been billed to hold in Switzerland.

According to the organisers of the convention, Dayo Consulting, the objective of the summit is to drive discussions and enable partnerships that will bring new opportunities for economic prosperity between Africa and her neighbours.


In a statement, the Chief Executive Officer of the firm, DayoOgunsola-Gisler, said: ”Our mission is connecting private and public companies, investors, business experts and government entities to create global economic Integration between African nations and the rest of the world.”


“It is my pleasure to invite you to participate in the first African Public-Private Partnership Investment Convention that will take place October 22-23, 2015 at the Conference Center in Kloten municipality, Kloten-Zurich Switzerland.”


He stated that purpose of the A-PPP Convention is collaboration, stressing that as the organisers they were optimistic that it would serve as a veritable forum for businesses to connect with investors, government officials to participate in discussions and for all participants to create a foundation for economic and social prosperity within Sub-Saharan Africa and around the world.

“We are expecting more than 250 participants from African and non-African countries, including leaders of major companies, financial investors and entrepreneurs.

“We expect the attendance of more than 150 government representatives who can guide us through the complexities of rules, regulations and expectations.  We expect “light bulb” moments when participants learn of valuable opportunities.  We expect economically and socially viable projects connected to finance solutions,” he said.

According to Ogunsola-Gisler, few business people were aware of frontier markets like Africa or what it takes to prosper in them, pointing out that Africa is big in economic activity and natural resources.

“It is filled with entrepreneurs and young people with ambition and the desire to shape their own destinies. Many governments have implemented regulations that make their countries much more attractive business environments. With over 350 million people in the middle class, consumer buying power is more than Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland combined,” he said.


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