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Suspension of Eze Ibe Nwosu: Imo Community Association Goofed

A pan Igbo professional elite group Ndigbo Professionals For Peace And Development (FCT) has notes with dismay the vile and calculated attempt by the Imo Community Association (ICA)under the leadership of Chief Ike Obasi (Ohamadike), the former President-General to mislead, misinform and draw back the hand of the clock on the unanimous suspension of Eze Ibe Nwosu (Eze Igbo) Igbo – Abuja, dated 23rd April, 2018, by the Association of Eze Ndigbo of the 19th Northern States and FCT.

In a press statement made available to newsmen in Abuja and signed by the Chairman, of FCT Ndigbo Professionals for Peace and Development, Arc. Donatus Okereke, the elite Igbo Professional Group lampooned Chief Ike Obasi for allowing himself to be intimidated and used by the suspended Eze Ibe Nwosu to recant and throw truth to the wind.

The group affirmed that the suspension of Eze Nwosu followed due process and was endorsed by all the stakeholders inclusive of the Ohanaeze level of the central executive body, the traditional council and as well as the Igbo Community Assembly (ICA).

These organs of Ohanaeze-Ndigbo suspended the Eze Igbo 1 of Abuja for unilaterally commercializing the institution, denigrating and the illegal creation of units of Igbo Community Assembly in violation of Article 9 (2) (e) of the Ohanaeze Ndigbo FCT constitution, illegal appointments and coronation of (Ochigbos) traditional heads of the units in negation of article 9(2) (F) and (1) of the Ohanaeze FCT constitution, deliberately sowing seeds of discords amongst the Igbos in Abuja, through the creation, sponsorship and promotion of an illegal group known as Igbo Community

Association as against the constitutionally recognized Igbo Community Assembly as stated in Article 9 (1) (a) of our constitution and failure of the leadership at the FCT and the loss of integrity reposed on his leadership by Ndigbo in the FCT.

It will be recalled that Chief Obasi was a member of a panel set up to look into the crisis orchestrated by Eze-Igbo in Kubwa and their recommendations towards resolving that crisis was thrown to the trashbin by Eze-Igbo of Abuja.

Chief Ike Obasi was the former President General of Imo Community Abuja and had never deemed it fit to invite Eze-Igbo of Abuja and the warring parties for settlement and reconciliation but rather he chose to romance Eze-Igbo, because he thought Eze-Igbo will restore him back to his position after his tenure has expired but trust Eze-Igbo, he betrayed him.

Being the former President General of Imo Community Abuja and unable to foster peace among his people nor called a singular Imo Community Assembly General Meeting in Abuja rather he preferred caucus meetings in a Kubwa Hotel in Abuja. Is this not suggestive, to well meaning Igbo sons and daughters of a colossal leadership failure for him to be speaking from both sides of the mouth.

May we remind, Ike Obasi, “At the general meeting of the Association of Eze Ndi Igbo of 19 Northern States and Abuja held at the Federal Territory (FCT) Abuja from Friday 20th – 21st April, 2018.

The members unanimously resolved and agreed that your membership (Eze-Igbo 1 of Abuja) of the Association be suspended indefinitely.

The suspension became necessary in view of your flagrant abuse of office, persistent violation of the constitution and disrespect to constituted authorities characterized by greed, arrogance, pride and autocracy,

an action, an attitude which the Association considers unbecoming of a leader and could be detrimental to the interest, well-being and unity of Ndi-Igbo, not only in Abuja but also in the entire Northern Nigeria (contrary to Article 13 (19) of the constitution of Association of Eze Ndi-Igbo of 19 Northern States and Abuja”.

”It will be recalled that during the general meeting of the Association of Eze Ndi Igbo N’uzo Ije (Inc) in May 2016 in Lagos, (Eze –Igbo 1 of Abuja) physically manhandled a member, which is contrary to article 10-5(11) of the constitution of the Association of Eze Ndi Igbo N’uzo Ije (Inc)’’

and “In July 2017, travelled to Kano to illegally install Mr.I.K Akpudo as Eze Igbo/Onye Ndu Igbo and you know there is an existing Eze Igbo in Kano in the person of Eze (Dr) Boniface Ibekwe who is the legitimate leader of igbos in Kano and also the National President of Association of Eze Ndi Igbo N’uzo Ije.

This action of (Eze-Igbo 1 of Abuja) has caused so much rancor and disaffection among the Igbo community in Kano.’’ As emphasized in his letter of suspension.

Chief Ike Obasi’s turnaround of the decision of the organs makes mockery of the Igbo customs and traditions. His antecedence over the suspension is a figment of his imagination and should be disregarded and discountenanced by well meaning Igbo sons and daughters in Abuja, as it is the ranting of a drowning man casting aspersions on our revered organs of FCT Ndigbo Abuja.

Chief Ike Obasi does not have the authority or speak for the Imo Community Association (ICA) nor represent the body to make such misguided statement and therefore, anything emanating from him is unconstitutional, baseless, odious, null and void and of no consequence whatsoever.

We urge FCT Ndigbo to eschew bitterness and rancor, work together in unity, peace and tranquility and go about their various businesses without fear or favour. That Eze Ibe Nwosu remains suspended until further notice.

That Chief Obasi has no locus standi or moral right to speak on behalf of Imo Community Association (ICA) and therefore his views and comments is personal, malicious, repulsive, repugnant and untrue and should not be taken seriously by right thinking Igbo sons and daughters.”MUST HE SUPPORT EVIL AND IMPUNITY BECAUSE EZE-IGBO ABUJA IS FROM IMO STATE?”

We call on all relevant organs, the FCT administration, law enforcement agencies, traditional institution in FCT and general public to remain steadfast, committed and focus towards the restoration of Igbo race in Abuja.

Eze Ibe Nwosu remains suspended and no amount of media orchestration, blackmail, propaganda, name calling and belly-aching will reverse the decision. We, FCT NDIGBO PROFESSIONALS FOR PEACE AND DEVELOPMENT (FNPPD) stand and support the decision by the relevant organs who suspended Eze Igbo Nwosu.

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