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Surprising Marital Health Benefits of Sex

Just the other day I met with a doctor friend of mine and during our conversation, among other talks, ‘how can married couples benefit from sex” came up and he had these to say:

Helps Keep Your immune System: it has been observed that couples who have sex regularly, have a higher immune system. In addition you must do other things like, eating right, staying active, getting enough sleep etc, to have a complete happy immune system.


Helps You Sleep Better:   After Sex, You Are More Relaxed and Receptive to Sleep, because the hormone (prolactin) that is responsible for the feeling of relaxation and sleepiness is released.


Boost Your Libido & Ups Vaginal Lubrication: Having regular sex helps make your sex better and improve your libido. For the women, it helps up blood flow, elasticity and vaginal lubrication. These in turn keep your sex life healthy and more fulfilling.


Strengthens Relationships & Improves Self Esteem: Intimacy from sex can boost your self esteem and happiness in a soothing healthy way. In this way, sex is not only a prescription for a healthy life but a happy one too.


Lowers the Risk of Heart Attack:  Not only does good and active sex amongst married couples help keep heart rate in check, it also helps keep your estrogen and testosterone level on the balance.


Reduces Stress: Intimacy brings closeness between couples and this releases a brain chemical that revs up the brain pleasure and help soothes anxiety and stress away.


Burns Calories: Sex burns five calories per minute by using several muscles. It certainly cannot replace the gym and all, but it sure counts for something.


Ousts Prostate Cancer:  Every time a husband ejaculates, he keeps prostate cancer away from him, so says the expert. So husbands, increase this part of your duty to stay healthy and prostate cancer free.


Lowers Blood Pressure:  Not masturbation, but marital sex lowers the systolic (the top figure of the blood pressure reading) blood pressure.


Improves Women’s Bladder Control: Medical journals say 30% of women at some point in their life time will be unable to control their bladders, but sex for these women will cause contractions that will strengthen the muscles which will in turn, keep their pelvic floor strong and reliable.


Fewer Colds: Married couples, who have regular sex, produce a high level of immunoglobulin that combats diseases and keep the body safe from colds and flu.

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