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Subsidy not in 2016 budget, says Oshiomhole

Governor of Edo State, Adams Oshiomohle, has revealed that the much talked about fuel subsidy removal was never included in the Nigeria 2016 budget let alone the Federal Government refusing to implement it.

He therefore urged organized labour to jettison the call for industrial action by a section of the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC).

Oshomhole, himself a former president of the NLC, let out his feeling late on Tuesday while playing  the role of chief negotiator between the Federal Government and the organised labour union.

According to the Edo State Governor, the President Muhammadu Buhari-led government today is willing to bring good governance to the Nigerian workers, with little patience exhibited, stressing that taking to the street against good Government policy will rather turn the hand of clock that bringing passiveness.

He maintained that the organised labour more especially its umbrella body was never keen to protect the interest of its members when the budget was being prepared only to wake up from its slumber to cripple the Government.

“Now that the budget have been signed into law, after several months of technical assessments, NLC  were nowhere to be found. It is obvious that the cost of governance in Nigeria is very huge and when you take a look you will see that many state governors today cannot pay salaries and is because we cannot save money.

“In Nigeria money comes and goes. So this government has resorted not to waste money, but to ensure that tomorrow is better. But that will not even come if we fail to understand Government stand.”

He further stated that the Federal Government was ready to fight the oil cabals who make money through the importation of fuel in the country. Oshiohmole advised that billions of naira spent on the importation of fuel products should be able to put up several refineries to cushion local consumption. He continued,  “this people has ripped Nigeria off and a Government that want to achieve goals of rebuilding the country cannot but do away with unnecessary expenditures”

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