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Steiner’s prosthetic running leg stolen

Ranjit Steiner, a Paralympic hopeful learned that someone had broken into his car and stolen several items on his 24th birthday, including his prosthetic running leg, valued at $30,000.

Steiner cannot train without his running leg, which is of great value to him but essentially useless to anyone else, because it’s built specifically for his body.

The thief shattered the window of Steiner’s new car, which was parked near his home in San Francisco’s Mission District. In addition to the prosthetic limb, the thief made off with a laptop and some starting blocks, sometime between 8:00 p.m. Monday and 9:00 a.m. Tuesday.

Steiner had his walking leg in his house but had left his running leg in his car. Though the leg is valued at $30,000, Steiner said, “There’s no real black market for prosthetic legs.”

“The whole prosthesis is fairly customised,” Steiner said. “Unless your leg is exactly the same shape and size as mine, it’s not going to fit.”

Steiner played football and did track in high school, but his athletic career had to be put on hold for several years when he was diagnosed with bone cancer in his right leg at age 15. He underwent chemotherapy, but he suffered numerous complications with his leg, including multiple staph infections.

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