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Stay trendy when you work out


The best way to get motivated about going to the gym is being excited to get dressed. Having the right clothes to work out in can help motivate you and feel more comfortable when you are burning up a sweat. Gone are the days when women’s work out wear consisted of cast-offs. Today, varieties of designers offer gym wear that is comfortable and functional, yet still feminine and fashionable. Build up a wardrobe of clothes to wear to the gym so you’re motivated to show off your new duds and your shape. Below are highlights on what you can wear for a comfortable work out:

  • A supportive sports bra
  • Fitted tops
  • Yoga pants
  • Proper footwear
  • Training shorts

And should in case you are wondering about what not to wear to the gym, you can make do with these tips:

  • All cotton t-shirts: cotton absorbs sweat and doesn’t quickly release it through evaporation.
  • Wearing heavy wet cotton against your skin can give you the chills and cause irritation.
  • Baggy sweats
  • Worn-out footwear
  • Unsupportive sport bras
  • Loud ear gear
  • Too-tight attire
  • Heavy perfumes and lotions
  • Heavy makeup

While you are working out, it is necessary you sweat, and in order to avoid skin irritation, you have to avoid heavy products. Enjoy your new gym outfits!



Over-the-knee boots: Add a cute new detail with more statements to your clothing

As a lady, generally you might have seen over the knee boots but you haven’t thought of getting one for yourself or adding it to your closet. Even when you wish to get one, so many things might go through your mind like how can you wear them without looking odd, what kind of outfit can you rock the boots on, is it okay if I wear it? Below are answers to your unanswered questions:

Firstly: How do you wear over-the-knee boots?
Over-the-knee boots are a biggie. On the catwalk, they look effortlessly stunning and easy to pull off, nonchalantly paired with a micro mini or a floating dress, cut up to the thigh. Over-the – knee boots can be a very bold look. Add a long sweater and tights.

  • Dressed up in a slouchy sweater, a graphic tee and ripped jeans with your over the knee boots you are good to go.
  • Stay cozy and comfy in over- the- knee boots, leggings a long t-shirt, a sweater and a beanie.
  • A leather over- the- knee boots and a leather jacket toughens up your look
  • You don’t have to go for a short dress with your over the knee boots. A longer dress looks just as good.
  • A cozy over – sized sweater balances out the sexiness of heeled over- the- knee boots.
  • A long bright sweater, a statement necklace and a skinny jeans

Secondly: Is it okay if I wear it/what kind of outfit can you rock the boots on?
Whether you are curvy, petite or tall, we highly encourage you to step up your footwear game with over the knee boots, they might be the easiest for tall girls to wear. They present less of a challenge with long legs.
For curvy girls go for a pair that hits right above the knee, and create long lean leg line with a pair of dark denim in a similar hue. As for the top stick to long sweaters or blouses that hit below the hip and top it all off with a Jacket perched on your shoulders to give it a street style – star approved finish.
For athletic builds, if you’re average height with an athletic frame, over- the- knee boots are a great way to accentuate the leg line. Look for tights or jeans in the same dark color as your boots. Keep the look classic with a Blazer and a scarf – and a belt at the waist.
For the office, if you are going to bring this look to work, be sure to keep your upper thighs covered – keep the top half more classic with a button – down shirt, a Blazer or a turtle neck. The boots will bring plenty of personality to the look.


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