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Stay off Vasity premises, LASU authority warns dismissed staff

The Lagos State University Authority has warned all the dismissed staff to stay off the campus. In a press release signed by Acting Head, Centre for Information, Press and Public Relations, Lagos State University, Ojo, Mr Ademola Adekoya, the Management received information that some erstwhile Staff of the University

who have been dismissed by the University Governing Council, for one form of misconduct or the other have been coming into the University premises, intent on initiating violence and breakdown of Law and Order on the peaceful Campus.

The University Authority hereby reiterates that ALL individuals who have been dismissed should stay away from the premises of Lagos State University henceforth.

The advice is already contained in their Letters of Dismissal, which were not only delivered to them through their respective Deans/Departmental Heads,

but were also sent to their E-mail Addresses [Personal and Official], as well as Text messages on Friday, 8th September, 2017, immediately after the decision was taken by the Governing Council of the University.

For the avoidance of doubt, Concerned Individuals and the General Public are reminded that the Governing Council is the highest Policy/Decision making body of the University.

In the circumstance, all members of the University Community who have chosen to sentimentally support the dismissed Individuals [covertly or openly] to undermine the decision of the Council are also acting contrary to the rules and regulations of the University and are advised to refrain from doing so.

It is imperative to state categorically that the misconducts for which they were dismissed were not Union related, and the disciplinary mechanism of the University [as backed by the Conditions of Service] was dully followed in the Process to arrive at their dismissal.

Against this background, the dismissed Individuals who wish to have access to the University premises must contact the Chief Security Officer of the University who will facilitate such access as may be appropriate.

It would be recalled that on Wednesday, Lagos zone of the Academic Staff Union of Universities, led by Prof Olusiji Sowande of the Federal University of Agriculture (FUNAAB) held a press conference in LASU to condemn in its entirety,

the ignoble decision of the LASU Governing Council which purportedly dismissed the Chair of the Branch, Dr Isaac Oyewumi, the Vice Chairman, Dr Adebowale Adeyemi-Suenu and some other academic staff on unfounded, baseless and trump up charges.

According to him,the zone regrets the puppeteer role played by some members of the Council in the process that struggled to give a veneer of credibility to the bizarre trial process.

‘We are not in doubt that the ugly developments in LASU fits into a wider pattern of assault on our Union across university campuses by opportunists in power whose aim is the erosion and bastardisation of true university culture

and the introduction of impunity and elitism into the system to the disadvantage of the idea of robust scholarship and the interest of the generality of Nigerians”, he said.

He said the Lagos zone of ASUU believes that the current development has a major aim, the weakening of the Union as a prelude to a flurry of policies and decisions that are not only against the interest of members but also in the long run, the progress of the University.

“The zone wishes to also condemn unequivocally attempts by the Vice Chancellor to forcefully eject the Chairperson of the Union from the Union’s secretariat as well as the University premises and assures that efforts orchestrate a change of leadership in the LASU Branch of our Union by chicanery will not succeed”, he said.

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