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Star Dedicate Concerts to Consumers’ Achievements

It is known fact that, no matter how engaging a brand’s character can be, it cannot have a breakthrough without connecting with its target audience. Analyst also believe that handlers of brand must learn how to see value in their people, as this is what make some brands global icons while others remain inhibited.

Understanding this fact, through the course of six and a half decades and four generations of Nigerians, STAR from the stable of Nigeria Breweries has consistently maintained its market leadership position by making sure the brand keyed into the thoughts and sentiments of consumers.

Like any other global brand, one of the channels the handlers of star brand used for registering itself on the minds of its consumers has been the emphasis on connecting with the youth demography through music and sports. The brand has been able to harness the power of music to pass messages across to youth consumers through such activities as the annual Star Music Trek, which is Nigeria’s largest and most celebrated music festival. Star Music Trek tours the length and breadth of the country every year, bringing people’s favourite music stars close to them and giving young artists opportunities to showcase themselves on a large platform.

Speaking recently in Lagos at the 2015 Star Music Trek edition, with theme ‘My Superstar Story’ a tribute to the resilience, the Corporate Media and Brand PR Manager, Mr. Edem Vindah, said that, the brand acknowledges and supports the determination and work ethics of the typical young Nigerian who achieves success despite several obstacles. It celebrates the rise of the Nigerian youth to the top of the world against so many odds in every field of human Endeavour and inspires young Nigerians to view whatever situation they find themselves as a constant work in progress on the path to success.

According to him, as the product of a national icon, ‘My Superstar Story’ will have concert dates in Calabar, Awka, Makurdi, Auchi, Abakaliki, Sapele, Ibadan and Lagos, which also tells consumers in those locations that their superstar stories can be written anywhere they are, and that their location is not a limiting factor. This emphasis on inclusiveness is one of the things, which stand the star brand apart from the competition.

‘My Superstar Story’ is part of a renewed drive by the star brand this year to recognise and reward consumers for loyalty and their everyday achievement. STAR wants to show consumers that just being themselves, doing the things they love, staying true to their passions and living their normal lives are things which are to be recognised, celebrated and rewarded. He noted.

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