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Southern Cameroonians cry for help as genocide in Kwa Kwa deepens

The people of Southern Cameroon otherwise known as Ambazonians have raised the alerm over continuous brutal killing of their citizens by La Republique forces.

A cry from one of the citizens who narrated his ordeal to the Daily Times on Saturday, said that their people were being brutally killed by the Cameroonian forces on daily basis without any reason other than demanding for freedom from enslavement, torture brutal killings and destruction of homes and properties.

The helpless people of Southern Cameroon lamented as world watches in silence. “The blood of these individuals must not go in vain,” a leader of the Amazonian said.

They call on the United Nations to convene an emergency meeting in order to find a lasting solution to the genocide.

Edwin Ngang, Community Organiser said that over 3000 innocent people both women and children have been killed by the Cameroonian forces , from 2017 to January 2018, saying “this is alarming, our people are under the threat of extinction by Paul Biya and his government.”

He further stated that as at Friday and Saturday, the army have renewed their attack on the helpless people. “At this moment no one can determine the exact numbers of killings by the army, but evidence is that entire villages of Abled, the people have fled into the forests, in fear of anticipated attack by the Cameroonian army brutality following a confrontation between civilians and the army.

And as the pictures confirms these same villages have been indiscriminately burnt by the army! Scores of burnt corpses have been found to indicate that those who were unable to flee have all been Killed. The exact numbers of civilian deaths is not known as the area is still unsafe.

We have in our hands a present and imminent danger situation bordering on an incipient genocide that is gravely complicated by an insurgency.

This threatens to unravel a very delicate security balance in the Gulf of Guinea if not curtailed now.

RIP we will not let your sacrifice go in vine. We shall overcome, let your fighting spirit continue to fight them.”

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