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Sonnia Agu’s Nigerian dream for the youth

She is a well know inspirational speaker and one of the best of her generation, well educated and always precise on point. Sonia Agu is a your kind of lady and a youth vibrant who believe in the youth, but that is not all she want also a vibrant youth

She speaks more about her vision in this interaction with Daily Times recently “Till our orientation is changed from top to the grass level, we wait amiss, as leadership and wealth must first be seen as the amount of impacts you contribute and not merely your possession. We are the solution generation, but till we consciously have a deliberate national development template, differentiation strategy, objective, growth policy, direction and plan, we will continually wait in vain. – (NDOGDP)

We have indeed come of age to define our national dreams in clear visionary, inclusive and sustainable vision. At least I have and before any screams it’s impossible, utopic and undoable again, I congratulate myself for thinking and daring.

We have the richest men and women in the world but we still don’t have solutions that have put us on the map for good, a lot of people living below the belt, I know it’s not an easy route to ply but a conscious and deliberate effort can work. For instance, a Philippine that lives in Nigeria, has made over 500 million naira if not more simply by investing in palm oil and catfish, in their country, palm oil is an elite and healthier choice when it comes to oil, meanwhile we are ignorant about this.
I know for certain that if Dangote where to produce and redefine palm oil, (one of our natural produce) and sells to other parts of the world, it would be the one of the things Nigeria would be known for, its as little as that. It could be organic palm oil, low cholesterol, vitamins etc. I wish I had the capacity needed to do this.

Norway till date is the home for stick fish, China for technology, Cuba for organic food, India health care, Dubai Tourism, South Africa Modern Africa, America supreme power (uncountable innovation), Maldives beautiful honey moon beach, Canada employment, France love, UK the best place to age and be etc., what are we known for asides oil?

I challenge us youths, even the so called rich and wealthy people, I dare us to produce something the world has not seen and put Nigeria on the map for greatness. Do you know we could get the cure for cancer if our research centers are good and finances made available, diabetes, hypertension, we could build cars, be number one in technology, have the best health surgeons etc. just like India is doing. We have people who are abroad, they are the best in what they do and would be more than willing to come back and set up if giving the chance and opportunity.

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