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Society circle: Otunba Rotimi Ajanaku’s Generosity

by: Isaac Oguntoye

If cheerful giving and charity were to be a competition, then; Otunba Dr. Rotimi Ajanaku would be one of the top winners. His milk of kindness cannot be over emphasized.

His love for humanity, despite his background and class strata, he is one man that loves equity. He can give his last penny just to make people around him comfortable. Over the years, some naysayers have attached his generosity to his political ambition; far from it; ”Otunba Rotimi has been a cheerful giver right from his youthful days. ”We discovered the trait early enough in him. Seeing him give with so much joy is not a surprise to us.” A close family friend divulged.

Don-Dino as he is fondly called in the social terrain, is a man blessed with so much humility a kind heart. He can’t stand the sight of his fellow human in distress, he is always ready to assist without resistant. Otunba Rotimi has always been guided by the biblical teaching in the holy book, which states that; ‘But give that which is within as charity, and then all things are clean for you.”

Dino has always attached his astronomic success in business to his cheerful giving which is one of the traits he inherited from his father.

To further portray his milk of kindness, we gathered that the reverend shrewd businessman and politician extended his kind heart to Islamic faithful, who are currently observing the one month Ramadan fasting.

We further gathered that; despite being a devoted Christian, He shared bags of rice, Can Milks, Beverages, Live Ram and Cows, and other edible items to his Muslim constituents, within Ibadan Southwest/Northwest Federal Constituency Oyo State and Lagos State as well.

Otunba Rotimi has always been a quiet person, who loathes publicity, when it come to his charitable deed; he loves them private. From all indications, his political ambition, is currently gathering momentum. He has been showed massive love by his constituents; who promised to pay him back for his kind gestures over the years, with their massive vote in 2019 by clinching a seat at the green chambers.

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