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Society circle: Kehinde Afolabi Steps Out to honour Aisha Abimbola.

by: Isaac Oguntoye

The twin brother of one of the richest philanthropist in the country, Dr. Taiwo Afolabi steps out to honour late actress, Aisha Abimbola.

The agile socialite was spotted with his entourage at the Lagos State Television during the candle light procession organized by Movie Ambassadors in honour for the late actress last Wednesday.

As usual, the Ken Dallas Hotel and Night Club boss was looking humble in the black t-shirt customized for the late showbiz star.

In case you don’t know, Kehinde Afolabi is a budding businessman and socialite, who enjoys partying a lot. He lives in Egbeda, a suburb of Lagos, and operates a chain of business, one of which is an hotel, Kendallas Hotel in Idimu area. The hotel, formerly known as Lumoja Hotel was reportedly bought for Kehinde by his twin brother.

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