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When socialites Rasheed Ishola is not in good mood

Though he is well known in social circle especially among the elites in Lagos and beyond, but his shyness may take little spotlight off him, but Daily Times can revealed to you the society big man in the sector of clearing and forwarding business, Rasheed Ishola who is the chief executive officer (CEO) of rash –shol limited is presently not in a good mood.

His not been happy is not for anything but the way some nuisance have encroached into the territory of their profession.

“These people have caused a lot of havoc, they will pretend to be authentic yet they are not. They will go to exporter promise to do the job for them at a very low price but at the end of the day they will come for more money.

Unlike us the authentic who will tell you the real price that will cost you. “Stated the man who has been in business for over twenty years having started with Panapina.

Speaking further , Mr. Ishola who though acknowledged the fact that the business is rewarding and profitable said it was not easy when he left Panapina to start his own “it was not easy at initial stage when I left Panapina it was not easy to see customer, but now I thank God.”

He however advised government on how to tackle the fake agent “to me all agent should be told to have office where they operate and not just carrying fake identity card, they also not be allow into port.

With these I think the fake ones can be curb” conclude Mr. Ishola whose face physical appearance cannot mistaken among his peers, especially in social gathering

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