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SNA Lagos chapter marks “October Rain”

…celebrates founders
The Society of Nigerian Artists, SNA, Lagos State chapter has consistently lived up to its billings engaging art practitioners, members and the general public to discern the evolving phenomena in art practice.

This state chapter, which has stood out as a touch bearer to the SNA national’s visionary art movement charted a course with an annual art stampede called “October Rain.”

From its inception, the initiative has assiduously welded the body into a formidable group that has given art and art practice a meaning in the country and beyond, bringing out the vibrancy, recognising the founders and icons of the movement and as well placing Nigerian Contemporary art in the global view.

Last week, the chapter unveiled the 2018 edition of the “Rain.” At the briefing attended by the members of the planning committee headed by Michael Fasakin, chairman of the organising board alongside others, reiterated its stand to push the initiative higher.

The 2018 October Rain will open from October 20 running till 26 holding the Thought Pyramid Art Center, Norman Williams, Ikoyi, Lagos.

The Lagos State chapter Chairman, Idowu Sonaya sounding very optimistic stated that this year’s annual event is unique: in the sense that a greater homage is paid to the first president of the Society of Nigerian Artist, Prof Yusuf Grillo and another big name Abayomi Berbers.

Addresing the media, Sonaya stated; “It is great pleasure for me to see that the annually organised October rain exhibition by the Society of Nigerian Artists, Lagos State chapter is again being sustained.

Moreover, it happened to be our second major event after my administration took over from Dotun Alabi’s administration in April this year.

The first was the ‘SNA Week,’ which was organised in August 22 to 25, in honour of the ace painter, Kolade Oshinowo as a continuation of his 70th birthday anniversary.

“For three consecutive years, we have been organising the October Rain in honour of our elites in the visual arts community.

In 2016, the Rain was centred around the Late Sammy Olagbaju. In 2017, it rained as a mark of honour on Late Chief Rasheed Gbadamosi.

This year’s rain will eventually fall torrentially in honour of two Nigerian Artists Icons, they are Prof. Yusuf Grillo and Prof. Abayomi Barber.

Prof. Yusuf Grillo is being honoured for his iconic roles in visual art education and visual art practice in Nigeria.

Moreover, it is meant to celebrate his unflinching support to the development of SNA as a professional body over the years at both national and state levels.

It is noteworthy to mention that Prof. Grillo was the first and founding President of SNA National in 1963. Prof. Abayomi Barber in his own class is being honoured as he clocks 90 years old, on October 23, 2018.

He was born on October 23, 1928. He is highly regarded for his pioneering role in starting a visual art training school at the University of Lagos in 1973, with Muri Adejimi as his first student.

It is a great joy that University of Lagos is today blessed with a vibrant faculty of Creative Arts.

“On the other hand, this year’s October Rain has recorded over 100 artists as participants who happened to be icons in their own right, with over 100 artworks.

The list ranges from the Legends to the Masters. We have such legends as Kolade Oshinowo, Banjo Fasuyi, Bruce Onabrakpeya, Nike Okundaye, David Dale and Abayomi Barber on display.

We also have works from various contemporary masters of our time, they include, Abiodun Olaku, Bunmi Babatunde, Sam Ovaraiti, Olu Ajayi, Kunle Adeyemi, Mufu Onifade, Oladapo Afolayan, Dotun Alabi,

Damola Adepoju, Idowu Sonaya, Ajayi Porter, Bolaji Ogunwo, Udenta Omoligho, Stella Mofunanya, Micheal Fashakin, Anthony Nwalupue, George Taylor and many other masters, both young and old.

“October Rain exhibition has served as platform for young artists to launch themselves into stardom over the years. It has maintained a reputation of high level of professionalism in creativity and craftsmanship.

These qualities are evident in the works that will be on display via thorough scrutiny executed by the exhibition committee jury.

I am very sure that those who would walk into this exhibition space at The Thought Pyramid Art centre on October 20, 2018, will be filled with plethora of pleasure,” concludes Sonaya.

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