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Slay Queen On A Budget

We are here to tell you that you don’t always have to break the bank to look like a slay queen, here are tips and tricks on how to look like you’re straight out of New York fashion week with the little you have.

Buy on sales

Always keep your ears and eyes open for sales, that brand you’ve always wanted but can’t afford will go on sales soon, save up and buy your favorite pieces when they are on sales and more affordable.


Invest in accessories

No matter how basic an outfit looks, a belt, jewelry or even beret can totally transform your outfit. When shopping, look out for affordable accessories. Never look down on second hand accessories because they do the magic


Shop thrift items with details

The effect of details on an outfit cannot be overemphasized; you see that dress that’s confusing at the first look? When you get the hang of it, it can pass for a really expensive piece. Always look out for pieces with details, plain clothes are boring.

Shop items that can last a thousand wash
Yes that dress is lovely but how will it look after a wash? Except you don’t have plans of re-rocking, always buy pieces that can stand a few washes at least.


Shop Vintage Items

Vintage items are forever classic. You can look like effortlessly classy in simple vintage shirts and short and the gag is you would be wearing a unique piece while at it.



I bet you didn’t know that you could revamp your old clothes or thrifted pieces to your taste. You like the details on that dress and the neck is too high? Get it and change the neck to your taste. Ypu can do it yourself or get the help of a tailor. You can add a fur piece from an old jacket to that old mules that’s starting to peel to get the Zara mules you have your eyes on but can’t afford


Make A List And Go With A Friend To Curtail Spending

You know how you’re on a budget but like to splurge on clothes, yes? Make a list of the items you really need because sometimes we buy because it looks affordable even when we will never use it. You can also go with that strict friend that always reminds you when you are spending money you don’t have.


Incorporate Bright Coloured Accessories To Jazz Up The Look

A red bag/shoe can add extra spice to that all black outfit. Look out for bright colored accessories but careful on the color mixture when styling them so you don’t end up looking scary

For the busy and tech savvy slay queens, here are a few thrift stores and affordable stores you can check on instagram


For affordable pieces within the range of N5000


For affordable bodycon dresses, bralettes, belts, berets, denims and accessories for as low as N1000


For thrift and affordable bags


for reallyy beautiful, durable, quality and affordable shoes that are all below N10,000, shopify is your best bet

Here are fashion bloggers to help you style your pieces


Onyi popular as @piktcha_purfect on Instagram is a fashion, beauty and budget travel blogger is a medical student at Ukraine, she has a youtube page; Onyii Bekeh where she shares beauty, fashion and budget travel tips.



Ifeoma Amadi, known as @thesvnflwr on Instagram is a student of the University of Lagos, is a fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger . She is the owner of the fashion blog drapedinbasics where she talks about her personal style, Lagos adventures and budget slaying. She has collaborated with several brands and shown that you don’t always have to break the bank to be stylish.

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