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Have your skin ‘Listened’ to at Montaigne Place Spa

The concept of listening to your skin sounds odd. It almost sounds like some invention beauty experts put together to get you more invested in their offering, but there’s more to it. The skin is the largest organ of the body and like all organs it communicates to us its likes and dislikes – we only need to listen.

You may not be aware that the complications around you are causing deep-down anxiety, but your skin is expressing that tension in hives or in an outbreak of acne and a lot more.

At Montaigne Place Spa, this informs their approach when it comes to giving every client the ultimate Spa Experience and that is why they offer the Murad Method™ – which is exclusive to them – to enable delivery of the next generation of sophisticated and customized solutions for maximum skin health.

The Murad Method™ facial system is an entirely personalized, high-performance professional skincare developed with Dr. Murad’s philosophy that no two skins are the same. Unlike traditional facials that address a single skin concern, Murad Method™ facials are designed to make skin as healthy as it can be.


The Three (3) Stages of ‘Listening to your Skin’

Firstly, a skin health assessment is conducted by well-trained therapists to understand your skin concerns. As the method focuses on a healthy lifestyle, a ‘live better and feel better’ wheel is filled so you can take home well-being and healthy eating cards that suit your needs after the facial.

Secondly, the therapist performs a skin analysis by cleansing your skin and using a magnifying lamp to determine best treatment.

The final stage is split by a primary and secondary treatment to address multiple skin concerns, including touch point massage techniques to help relieve stress for ultimate relaxation and mindfulness.

Why choose a Montaigne Place facial over others?

At Montaigne place, inclusive health is the focus not just topical skincare. Using the Murad Method, a holistic 3-faceted approach is employed to help you Look Better through high performance clinical skincare, Live Better through nutrition, supplements and exercise, and Feel Better by managing stress and cultivating happiness. All these are discussed during consultation and post treatment care with a therapist.

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