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Simultaneous Explosions Injures 6 in Turkey


At least six people were injured in one of two separate explosions on Monday in buildings housing the local headquarters of a pro-Kurdish political party in Turkey, the party said.

The blasts, in a city and town in the south of the nation, came weeks before the country is due to hold a general election.
The explosions happened 10 minutes apart in the offices of the People’s Democratic Party (HDP) in the city of Mersin and in the town of Seyhan, in Adana province.

In a statement, the HDP said six executives and workers were injured in Seyha, Adana.

Provincial governor Mustafa Buyuk told the Anadolu Agency that the explosion happened in the chairman’s room of the HDP office, and suggested it was deliberate.

“We are investigating the source of the blast and the type of explosive,” he told the news agency.

Turkey holds general elections on June 7, and the HDP is expected to play a key role.

If the party passes a 10% threshold it could prevent the ruling party from getting a sufficient majority in parliament to allow it to change the constitution — thwarting President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s plans of turning Turkey’s parliamentary system into a system with an all-powerful president.

The Anadolu Agency reported that Mersin police chief Rahmi Bastug said the second explosion happened in the HDP office’s kitchen, and that there were no injuries. The blast came hours before HDP leader Selahattin Demirtas was due to deliver a speech in the city.

The HDP said the attack was aimed at disrupting the party’s election campaign, and held Erdogan and ruling-party officials responsible.

It said they had turned the HDP into a target for attacks during their election rallies.

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