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Simple morals you develop at home

The word “Charity” in the saying, “charity begins at home” should be replaced with “Morals”. Many simple morals you adapt to from home are being taken for granted.

Proper practice and exhibit of these morals will do so much good in our beloved country. It will also save us embarrassment where ever we find ourselves.

Have you ever been pressed in public? Only to find a restroom with urine on the toilet seat and its ears? Well, this mess is usually caused by ignorant men and boys who misdirect their manhood when urinating. You are supposed to pee “IN” the water closet, not pee “ON” it. Doing this at home may be excused, probably because you have a cleaner to do the chores but either ways, you would be wrong to continue this habit.

Taking the nasty habit to houses you visit and public restrooms isn’t a nice representation of you either. You will also be inconveniencing other users.

Another simple thing most people miss or sometimes, forget to do is “Flushing” after use. There is a purpose for the Lever or button attached to the water closet… You shouldn’t feel lazy or in a hurry to flush after using.

Forgetting to clean up this mess can irritate the next user especially at the office where colleagues may have noticed you are responsible.

The “number 1” usually refers to “simple use of the convenience.” That is urinating and cleaning up. The “Number 2” refers to the serious business that seems to rare its head at odd hours.

What can we do? It’s a call of nature! The main point of this paragraph is to point out common habit people portray, that is, using conveniences for serious business (Pooping) when you go visiting people you aren’t so familiar with.

Pooping before leaving your home is part of the morning routine you follow while preparing to step out. When you wake up, use the rest room, take the time to release the waste in your body and clean up yourself.

Greeting those you meet around you isn’t a bad thing. Some people are just quiet naturally and do not like saying “hello” or “good day” to people. This is just a sign of courtesy.

Good habits attract favours and possible assistance. Parents have always taught their children to greet older people and not just their parents when they wake up. We shouldn’t deviate from that now. Respect is a part of every Nigerian culture

These are few morals we tend to take for granted. They are things we take from home to the outside world. You may enjoy these habits but nevertheless, “Do not wash your dirty linens outside” is a saying we are familiar with.

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