Should security officers be made to pay toll?


The recent encounter of the Assistant Inspector- General of Police in charge of Zone 2, Onikan Lagos, AIG Joseph Mbu, with some toll gate attendants at the Lekki toll gate has generated some controversies. Daily Times took the matter to some concerned citizens who expressed their opinions.
Chief Giwa–Amu, Lagos based lawyer, human rights activist In the course of their official duties, I suggest they should be exempted say, for instance, a trailer carrying an armoured truck to a battle zone, would it be wise to ask the driver to pay at a toll gate? In the case of policemen going about their lawful duties, I believe it would be responsible for them to be exempted, but in the course of their civil obligations, security agents or not, they ought to pay.
However if your question is premised on the recent Mbu encounter with the toll gates in Lagos, I think he ought to have been respected. If not for his person, the high office which he occupies should be taken into consideration. When you look at it broadly, you may say security agencies, especially the policem should pay tolls fees, but like I said earlier, in the present circumstances of security challenges, they should not be asked to pay. However, since our police officers on a daily basis are faced with dire situations and circumstances of an urgent and immediate nature, then this should preclude them from having to pay tolls.
Engineer Onsachidi If any security personnel is driving his personal car, he should be gentlemanly enough to pay his toll when demanded. But if on the contrary, that is if he is performing his civic duties in an official car, for Christ sake, he should be exempted from paying such tolls. Let us not forget that the policeman also pays his tax into the coffers of the government. Mr. Mike Etilo, Auto-Engineer “I think policemen should not be exempted from paying tolls because I believe that they should be seen to be law-abiding and should be seen to be doing just that. They should pay tolls since the law says so. Comrade Azeez, businessman I think policemen should be exempted from paying tolls because they are always on essential duties and because of the intricacies of their job that sometimes end in tragedy.
These are people that are statutorily mandated to ensure sanity in the society and as such their jobs cannot always be determined. Many times, they respond to emergencies which oftentimes take them pass these tolled areas. Mr. Chris Oraukwu If you ask me, I don’t think it is sensible and rational to say security personnel or policemen should not pay toll fees. They should be made to pay toll fees. If they do not pay, how would they lead by example? They pride themselves as law-abiding citizens and they should remain as such. What is good for the goose, they say, is good for the gander. They should not be exempted from paying toll fees.
Matthew Aramunde, Police and Security Analyst Well, in this clime those on essential duties are never given their due recognition. Nevertheless, security personel who make sure most times that we sleep with our two eyes closed should be given some measure of respect in things like toll fees payment and the likes. That, for me, would have compensated them for the risk and hazard that their job entails. Remember that it is not everyone that can go through the kind of rigour that they go through, and when it comes to small issues like toll fees payment, they could be overlooked and exempted.

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