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Shell Confirms Oil Leak In Bayelsa

Shell Petroleum Development Company on Friday an oil leak incident has been confirmed from its underwater line within its oil fields in Bayelsa State.

In a statement by Shell's spokesperson, Mr Joseph Obari,the leakage was reported on January 23, 2015, adding that it subsequently shut the facility.

“A spill was detected from an underwater flow line riser at the Seibou 2 Wellhead in the night of January 23, 2015.

“The well was closed-in about 15 hours later, once it was safe to do so and the impacted area boomed off to prevent further spread of the spill.

“A Joint Investigation Visit has been conducted, but it only determined the quantity of oil spilled and mapped the area of impact to the environment.

“A follow up Joint Investigation Visit is being planned to lift the line from underwater and determine the cause of leak.”

The leak from the Seibou Deep facility operated by SPDC, which discharged crude into Ogboinbiri River in Bayelsa, has reportedly damaged the fishing activities of the people.

Neigbouring communities, including Keme-Ebiama, Apoi, Kokologbene, Gbaruan, Ukubie, and Lobia, who depend on the river for drinking and domestic use have had to source other means of getting useable water.
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