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Service Men: Who'll Watch the Watchers? 

For some time now, the behaviour of a growing number of the personnel of the nation’s security forces – the military, police and para- military organisations, has brought shame to the institutions and also painted them black in the eyes of the public who they exist to serve.

Just last Wednesday, one of such incidents was re-enacted in Lagos, when a female police inspector attached to the Airport Police Command and identified as Mrs. Florence Anih, was reportedly slapped by a Nigerian Air Force Lance Corporal, identified as Friday Zadiel, at a filling station along the Murtala Mohammed Airport road, Ikeja.

On January 20, 2015, a yet-to-be identified air force officer attached to the office of the Commandant, Airport Command, Group Captain, Victor Ajiboye, was also reported to have slapped a Chief Superintendent of Police, Felicia Victor.

In August 2014, two military officers, identified as Hilary and Sheu Abdullahi, died after a brutal clash at a popular night club on Pen Crescent, Apapa area of Lagos. The two officers had disagreed on the propriety of allowing the girlfriend of one of them who wore a military outfit into the club. The disagreement resulted in a fight which consumed both officers.

These incidents are just a fraction of the high number of the nation’s security personnel who vent their anger on fellow service men at the least provocation and in the glare of the public.

These incidents are unbecoming and worrisome. So, they must be brought to an end soonest. The high commands of these security services must to do something quick to whip personnel under them into line. All officials of these services must realise that their institutions thrive on discipline and decorum which must be upheld in any circumstance.

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