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Service to humanity is our responsibility – Abosede Oluwabuyide

It was fun and pomp at the Lagos State General Hospital, Gbagada recently as management, staff and friends of the Heath institution held a sendforth party for one of their own, the former Head of Nursing département, Mrs. Abosede Oluwatoyin  Oluwabuyide who retired after three decades and half of unbroken meritorious service to the health world.

Describing Oluwabuyide as an intelligent woman whose tenure had witnessed seminars, innovations and transformation for excellence, medical director of the hospital, Dr. Tayo Lawal said, “I cannot think of any other hospital in Lagos State that can compete with what she has planted in Gbagada.”

Addressing staff of the institution at the occasion,  Dr. Lawal stressed the need for continuous service improvement and  management of space to accommodate emergency cases at all times. The drive, he said is aimed towards achieving functional transformation and ultimately, patient satisfaction.

Lawal also touched on the need for proper integration of patients between one caregiver and  another so there would be no need for the transfer of patients to other hospitals which gives the impression that they cannot be managed here.

Information management

The director pointed out that information management is critical to healthcare delivery today.
“Information management is critical in whatever we do to manage patients for the transformation of the hospital irrespective of the challenges we face.

“Moreso, we can have transformation if we obey the golden rule that says, do unto others as you want them to do to you.  These words demand reciprocration because those who have not been in pain do not know what it takes to be a patient.”

Rebranding the profession

Urging the staff and managment to build their services toward managing patients which forms the principle of rebranding, Lawal stressed further that “Nursing as a profession is a brand; when you visit a hospital, you need nobody to tell you who a nurse is as her uniform shows she is a caregiver. Therefore you must be compassionate, an etipom of empathy and someone that can help a patient with whatever is needed in the hospital environment and desist from whatever may negate this profession as such would destroy the brand and the centre of excellence you claim to represent.”

“We must remember also that as a member of a profession, you must go through  series of competitive exams before you are selected for promotion on the basis of merit, so the profession should not be taken for granted because the best is expected from nurses and other staff,” he said.

Dr. Lawal disclosed that a total of 1,000 cases, including surgeries, anaesthestics and baby deliveries are received on  daily basis which measures how efficient the Hospital has become.

“I am aware of the complaints of staff who say they are being overworked, but considering that the hospital as a business entity is still incapable of generating its own salaries that run up to N1.2b excluding cost of utilities; that means the salaries of workers per month will cost about N100 million and the hospital does not generate one quater of that. So if we are to adopt the typical business plan, staff will have to be reduced.”

While assessing the nurses on punctuality, self organisation, how much adequate knowledge of information each possess as the head of a shift, how quick they make things ready and how familar they are with their names, phone numbers in case you need your colleague urgently, Dr. Lawal appealed to nurses and general staff to put attitude in check as they should administer care to patient in pains and not give the hospital a bad reputation before the public.

Finally Lawal urged those staff clamouring for change to cultivate attitude to impart positive values to their environment and be patient and ready for the change.”

Mrs Oluwabuyide in her response, praised Dr. Lawal and other staff for their support during her tenure as the head of nursing department.

“As a visionary nurse, not everybody reasoned along with what I was doing, but I stood for innovation and transformation and they had no choice but to give room for those changes.

“Nursing is a unique and noble  profession that requires your time and intelligence; it is not a profession for drop outs,” she said, noting that though some persons had joined the profession for some other reasons, “I would have you know  that service to humanity is our responsibility. If you want to be a transformational leader, it will take something out of you as it did take something out of me.”

She encouraged  her successor and other nurses to  build on the quality foundation that has been laid and not to give up when faced  with obstacles.

A colleague and chairman of the organising committee of the event, Mrs Rashidat Omobitan described retirement as the beginning of a new phase of life and the best part where long vacations are taken with a goal to enjoy a well deserved rest but not so much that you run out of money.

“Retired officers can have awesome times even after retirement. If the  right approach to wealth creation to increase additional savings is taken, this will make the future pleasant and help to increase the chance of  longevity, removing the psychological effect of the fear of uncertainty,” she encouraged her colleagues.

Dignitaries present at the event included the Deputy Managing Director, Dr. Keshiro, Director of Clinical Service, Dr. J.O. Babafemi,Assistant Director Hospital Administration Mrs. B. M Bazauaye, Mr. J. P Osemudiamen and Mr. A Shola, among others.

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