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Senator-Elect Assures Constituents of Better Life

Niger East Senator-elect, David Umaru, has said that he will be in the Senate to ensure a better life for his constituents.

Speaking at a press conference in Minna, he said the people deserved a better life as a way to reduce their suffering.

Umaru, of the All Progressives Congress (APC), who promised to work for the good of his senatorial zone, insisted that he was not going there to collect allowances.

“I am going to the Senate to work and not collect allowances or amass wealth, but, to work for the progress of my people who, for many years, have been neglected. The lives of my people must improve, so that they can have a sense of belonging”, he added.

Umaru described his success as a ‘political tsunami’ which swept away the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and its governor, Babangida Aliyu, who had “wanted to use the opportunity to continue to steal the people’s mandate.

“I have, on several occasions, advised him to stop toying with the collective will and interest of our people, but, he would not heed, instead, he continued to trample on their collective dreams and aspirations”, he added.

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