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Senator Alimikhena charges Nigerians on peaceful co-existence

Senate’s Deputy Chief Whip, Senator Francis Alimikhena has described the presidential broadcast by President Muhammadu Buhari as a national task and a wakeup call on all Nigerians and not only the security agencies or government.

Reacting to the presidential speech, the Edo North Senator in a statement signed by his Personal Assistant, Benjamin Atu, said the address is a wakeup call to all Nigerian elites, religious organisations, traditional institutions and every political leader to caution their subordinates and subjects to stop creating unnecessary tension and fear in various parts of the country.

While noting that the continuous separatist agitations and protest has an adverse economic effect on the development of the nation, Senator Alimikhena maintained that the high level of hate speeches among national leaders and the call for division in various quarters is capable of creating panic among investors and discouraging big businesses from stimulating local development due to uncertainty.

According to him, “We are strong together as a nation and national interest is more paramount than sectional interest. He expressed the need for renewed faith in the nation’s unity as well as direct legitimate concerns and grievances to the appropriate channel without threatening the peace and stability of the nation through inciting statement and drum beat of war.”

The Senate Deputy Whip further appealed to all religious, traditional and opinion leaders in the nation to help in settling agitation within their domain and caution leaders who incites their supporters to cause conflict to pursue their personal interest to desist from such for the overall interest of the nation.

The Senator who is also a former military, called on all aggrieved groups to nip all conflicts in the bud through preventive actions. “Conflict is dynamic in nature because every little conflict gives life of their own which often lead to sporadic violence beyond the control of the initiators.”

He therefore appealed to all Nigerians irrespective of religious divide, party affiliation and ethnic nationality to be committed to the ideals of nationhood by putting the nation first in all endeavours. “It is too late to truncate our democracy for personal enrichment. All we need is unity of purpose and a collective commitment in overcoming the challenges that confront us as a nation,” the statement added.

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