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Senate President met with NLC led by Comrade Wabba

Senate President met with NLC led by Comrade Wabba the main faction of NLC this is the faction that has control of Organ of NLC and has the control of the secretariat.

This is the same group that few months ago, led a peaceful protest of electricity tariff increase and both leadership of National Assembly and even executive met with. Senate President met with them again over this fuel subsidy issue so as to see how the strike can be called off, yes the strike might not be as big as other strikes have been from the past, but it is important that institutions are protected and Carried along. The world is expecting that international oil price will rise again and when that happens, surely price of fuel at pump price will rise again so Senate wants to make sure they speak to labour and agree with executives on palliative measures

FG claims the NLC worked out of a negotiation, the folks that came said they were in a meeting with SGF and in his cunny ways, they found out he had the other faction that has never been recognized by any government in another room.

Other senators that attended the meeting included Senator Francis Alimikena, senator Suleiman Nasif, senator Kabir Gaya, Senator Joshua Lidani, and Senator Mao ohunabunwa.

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