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Selense Oyoko, Rap artist launch debut single

Mutiat Alli, Lagos

A fast rising rap-artist, Selense Oyoko, has released his debut single titled Cubaka. The Orlu born artist who was recently signed by on-on record released single over the weekend in Lagos.

The rap artist was introduced to the media over the weekend by CEO of on-on record Justin Edet.

Speaking on his new debut single, Senlense Oyoko, noted that he began music at the age of twelve, stressing he decided to go into rap music because it afforded him opportunity to easily express himself.

The rap artist said his parent supported his decision to go into music, stressing that he started his music from the street.

Manager and CEO of on-on record, Edet, disclosed that the company decided to add the artist to their label because of his talent and passion.

The music promoter further revealed that the artist would be touring several states in the country in the next few days to promote his single.

The music promoters advised new and upcoming artists in the country to be patient, believe in themselves, work hard and pray.