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Secession Agitations And Magu’s Damning Expose

Acting Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in Nigeria, Mr. Ibrahim Magu is a Police officer not given to trivial or frivolous utterances.

It reflects even in his gait. He picks his words carefully and always attempt to postulate issues in a manner that exposes Nigeria’s unnerving problems, others in his position would everlastingly dread.

He does not stop at it! Magu also proffers solutions. He talks tough and acts tough. He dreads no one, including the known devils of this country. In his skinny stature, he amazingly repels their punches with dexterity and comes out unhurt. They hate and love him; they grovel before his imperial powers.

Of course, fighting corruption crimes in Nigeria is serious business. Saddled with the onerous task of battling corruption in a country whose existence in the best part of its independence has been defined by cerebral corruption is no easy job. It has nuances which confound everybody, including the EFCC boss, Magu.

Corruption indexes in Nigeria have diminished the prophetic prowess of celebrated clairvoyants, including acclaimed messengers of God. It’s not seen, but only felt. It is irresistible to many a friend! But it bites and kicks everybody and everything to wailing pity.

Magu days back reminded Nigerians of the obvious when he met the czars of social media in Abuja. He adumbrated that corruption is at the root of every national malaise in Nigeria. Whether it is strike or secession agitations, corruption has nurtured the shadows. No one can agree less.

The demons tormenting Nigeria; the satanic forces feasting on the soul of the country and just everything, retrogressive is anchored on the chains of corruption.

When ASUU goes on strike, this assemblage of intellectuals are pained for the months or years of unpaid legitimate remunerations for the hard work they do, grooming the nation’s diverse manpower.

Meanwhile, they watch the next door neighbor, a politician, who draws huge allowances and timely, every month. The same narrative is also the sad tale of medical doctors and indeed, all professions.

So, Magu yelled angrily, “Every evil thing happening in Nigeria is caused by corruption. Agitation, whatever, the root is corruption.”

Something instantly fascinated. In Magu’s exposition of the main problem with Nigeria from the interface, it rested on the footage of corruption.

Whether it is secession agitations or otherwise, Magu consciously and repeatedly dropped the word “corruption” from his lips. He blamed the rasping secession agitations as fattened by corruption.

To him, it’s like the monster of corruption in Nigeria wears the toga of government. So, it’s everywhere.

Now, a scoundrel by the identity of Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB) and self-acclaimed crusader of the “sovereign republic of Biafra” has set Nigeria on the rolling stone.

He declares that “Biafran state must be now or never.”

Kanu then reels out all sorts of obscenities; blasts everybody and everything. He calls this great country, Nigeria, a zoo and asks his handful supporters to raze the country to ashes,

if security agents dare to arrest him anywhere in Igbo land or Abuja, where he is facing treasonable charges. Kanu violates all bail conditions and dares Mr. President and soldiers.

He then challenges anyone who has guts to step out against him in the dance of absurdity and madness. Surprisingly, those who should speak to him and his conscience take flight.

Those who should caution him on the right path to follow, including his biological father, a traditional ruler in the Southeast, rather encourage him to go on and on with this apparent perfidy.

Why do they take flight? Why is everybody afraid to confront Kanu and speak truth to his face? It’s simply that these voices of reason are immersed in corruption and they dare not spill the beans, lest, it boomerangs dangerously.

Kanu’s father is mum because he is enjoying the side discussions pleading for a deal for amicable settlement and it comes with some huge packages to placate body and soul. So, the “Igwe” (traditional ruler) is happy and hates to see an end of the drama soon.

Southeasterners who are influential and established business billionaires, sight IPOB’s glaring threats to their business empires, should it go berserk and federal forces move en masse to quell it.

These businesses would collapse and the business moguls keep stealthily visiting the palace of the Igwe, (Kanu’s father) pleading for understanding.

So, Magu has pictured it on him mind and that’s why he bluntly stated that corruption is responsible for the near senseless agitations.

IPOB has several sources of funding, no doubt. It’s why Kanu is waxing stronger and building his personal fiefdom from the proceeds in Nigeria and London or other foreign countries.

Nigerians know IPOB now, as a quasi-terrorists sect with foreign backers. It may blossom or perish in its tracks.

But there are also the internal sponsors or sympathisers with the IPOB’s cause under the Buhari Presidency. They are the infinitesimal Nigerians promoting the hate campaign of a Hausa/Fulani presidency.

It is not so much that campaigners believe in the skewed theories they push in public domain. The only justification for a blossoming campaign of separatism is because a Fulani man is President of Nigeria.

But indisputably, President Muhammadu Buhari is one Nigerian leader, who has demonstrated in words, deeds and actions that under his watch, this country would neither keep sinking in corruption nor would it ever fester to the destructive zenith it was ascending.

Some Nigerians, the elite, politicians and the looters are not happy. No one expects them to clap, anyway!

While the masses hail President Buhari, the thieving elite are so angry and give the masses several demeaning sobriquets. Some even quote verses from late Afro-beat legend, Fela Kuti that “Nigerians are suffering and smiling”.

They unknowingly abuse the meaning of his songs. But the masses are happier today, than they were yesterday; much to the extent they have sighted certitude and the regeneration of Nigeria under a Buhari Presidency.

While on medical vacation in London, the elite did not just wish that President Buhari should be incapacitated to continue in office, but he should die to end the nightmare. One could easily read it on the lips of those compelled to return their loots or are facing corruption charges in court.

They fervently prayed for his death. Ask Ekiti state Governor Ayo Fayose and his bedmate, Femi Fani Kayode (FFK). But God Almighty has not answered the evil prayers.

Pained and lamenting everywhere, the last resort of these looters is to make the country ungovernable for Buhari. So, they sponsor protests, strikes from all unions and secession agitations or separatists’ movements with the ill-gotten wealth, because strict laws under a Buhari Presidency cannot afford them the ease to launder the money.

These looters also invade the social media with all manner of imaginations on the “under-performing” leadership of the Nigerian government under APC.

But majority of Nigerians hardly grasp a meaning from the trance-like state and fake concoctions of these desperadoes.

The elite, who claim to be voices in their communities, joyfully loot Nigeria, but dread a week of incarceration for the monetary crimes against Nigeria and the people.

These are the categories of Nigerians who prayed and prayed that Buhari should not return from London hale and hearty to continue in office.

Now that every plot has not worked, they have resorted to deploying the ill-gotten wealth to sponsor separatism agitations against the Buhari Presidency.

And in IPOB they have found a willing ally and the reprobate Kanu is smiling to the bank every day.

Suspiciously, these looters are complementing the foreign funding of IPOB with the monies stashed in vaults of personal homes, septic tanks, graves and so on.

Since these looters don’t need a bank teller or ATM card to withdraw the cash, IPOB leadership is happy at all times. No impediment, hence withdrawal takes place anytime of the day, including the odd hours of the night.

And Kanu and IPOB grow stronger and stronger, daring everything, Nigerian. After all, if Buhari “claims” to be collecting or recovering looted cash and assets, the “republic of Biafra” is also collecting same under IPOB.

EFCC boss, Ibrahim Magu cannot be less correct. He knows it. Except that he needs extra lenses to track nocturnal movements of cash to invade the destinations.

Time has come for EFCC to begin to conduct sting operations in the unoccupied mansions of former Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) in big cities or even the villages of Nigeria.

Magu should begin the navigation on this route. Every thieving elite would oppose him, citing invasion of privacy, but it can be lawfully excused on the banner of public interest. With this done, the venom of Kanu or IPOB would fizzle out without any romantic pleadings.

The masses of Nigeria would not be disappointed with the harvest of looters under Magu for the prosperity of Nigeria.

Whether Senate President Bukola Saraki confirms his appointment or not, the sound of Magu’s drumbeats on corruption would never change.

May President Buhari respond to this public appeal by granting Magu more expansive powers. Time is due for the expansion of the EFCC organogram or structure so that night surveillance can take place in the hideouts of these looters.

Only this can track nocturnal movement of cash to abodes of IPOB and the likes. And Nigeria would have peace; enduring peace!

Okanga, a traditional warrior writes from Agila, Benue State.

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