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Saraki’s Forgery Trial: Executive Rascality?

The appearance of Bukola Saraki at the FCT high court on Monday, July the 27th is one episode too many; ill-timed, misadvised, miscalculated and sure to leave a sour taste in the mouth of many. For those who had predicted that the forgery allegations and subsequent trial will spiral an unprecedented wane in his popularity especially among millions of Nigerians who had supported the change call which has been the mantra of this present administration, the reverse has been the case.

The way and manner the President of the Senate has comported himself since his ordeals began by the faceless few that are hell bent on ensuring he is removed from the pinnacle of the exalted red chambers, the unwarranted attacks has instead endeared him to many. Some even claim his terse response to issues bordering on his travails is the right approach to an unprecedented and unnecessary attack on his person.

Falsely painted in the media as a proud, arrogant and ambitious aristocrat ready to do anything to get the prized possession of the President of Nigeria in 2019 by spin doctors, the President of the Senate has demonstrated an unprecedented calm and maturity especially in the face of his current challenges. While the elections onto the seat of the President of the Senate is unarguably and unquestionably the reason for his current travails, some believe the faceless few are perturbed about his rising popularity which is also the reason for a total and committed asseveration by his colleagues in the Senate.

The current events have been described by keen watchers of the executive –legislative impasse in the last few months as uncalled for and sheer executive rascality, one more straw that will surely break the camel’s back.
In solidarity with about thirty-eight Senators who had come to show their support at the Federal High Court Abuja while being charged with his deputy, Senator Ike Ekweremadu and two others Salisu Maikasuwa, the former Clerk to the National Assembly and his deputy, Ben Efeturi, there is the widespread belief that the forgery case is dead on arrival.

It is only one more act shabbily orchestrated and done in desperation but which truly reflects the mindset and thinking pattern of many of those that expect Nigerians to believe they will take the country to the promised land.
Chikezie Obi, a development analyst, writes from Abuja

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