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Samsung Plans to Commission First Digital Village in Nigeria

Samsung Electronics West Africa plans to commission the first Digital Village in the Oban community located in the Akamkpa Local Government Area of the Cross River State in Nigeria on May 7, 2015.

The project is part of the company’s strategic Corporate Citizenship program billed to provide the community access to innovative healthcare, educational needs and increase their economic potential.

Commenting the unique features of this project, Managing Director of Samsung Electronics West Africa Brovo Kim, said that the Samsung Digital Village is innovative in its design due to the provision of alternative energy, which has remained a key challenge to Nigeria in implementing such initiatives in rural communities.

“The Digital Village demonstrates our innovative approach to investing in people and their communities. This initiative offers a complete educational infrastructure, comprehensive healthcare solution and power generation capabilities that will spur the growth of small businesses and harness the energy of the sun to minimise running costs, among others,” Kim said.

The Digital Village consists of five key integrated solutions which includes a Solar Powered Internet School, Solar Powered Tele-Medical Centre, Solar Powered Dental and Blood Analysis Clinic, a Solar Power Generator, as well as an Administrative Centre put together to benefit the community in the delivery of health care services, education and employment.

The Solar Powered Internet School consists of a container fully equipped with complete education curriculum and smart school technology that seats 24 students, providing them with access to education using interactive technology.

The Solar Powered Tele-Medical Centre is equipped with ear, eye and mother and child assessing facilities, while the Dental and Blood Analysis Clinic has a state-of-the-art blood analysis machine for on-the-spot diagnosis, as well as tools to treat dental complications.

The centre which is specifically designed for rural areas, offers professional medical treatment, quick medical diagnosis and health education, thereby minimizing the need for rural dwellers to travel to urban areas for medical attention.

A Solar Power Generator that does not emit pollutants and has negligible maintenance cost has also been deployed to supply power to the host community to boost small businesses in the area, while the Administrative Centre will serve as the coordinating hub for all the Digital Village activities in the Oban community.

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