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Safeguarding Nigeria’s democracy now utmost consideration -PDP chieftain

A chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Lagos State, Mr. Qudus Folami has challenged all Nigerians to be alert to the new threat to the nation’s democracy, arguing that the only thing that should now be relevant to well meaning Nigerians should be the survival of the nations’ democracy, urging the people to do everything to safeguard it.

Reacting to the siege laid on the National Assembly yesterday by men of the Department of State Services (DSS), Folami said that the nation has been pushed to the point where nothing else but the survival of the nation’s democracy matters, especially because of the huge price that was paid to attain it.

According to him, “The challenge before all of us now is how to safeguard this democracy, it is no longer whether roads were built, airports work or any infrastructure was achieved, what is important now and the only item on the ballot now is really the security of our democracy,

whether people have jobs or don’t have jobs all those now have been relegated to the background, because we are going to lose our freedom and our liberty if we allow these people to continue, because already our civilization has been seriously encumbered as it is.”

The PDP chief who is the pioneer Vice Chairman of the party in Lagos State, noted the people could not afford to toy with its democracy because of the huge price it paid to achieve it, “We paid a lot of price to get this democracy to where it is, a lot of people lost their lives,

chief among it is that of late Chief MKO Abiola, if you then look at these miscreants in power, because there is no other way to call them, the wrecks of the Nigerian society has risen to power and now they are misbehaving and threatening our freedom, threatening our liberty and undermining our civilization as a people.

“How else do we call this one that we wake up and see that the National Assembly has been occupied by security people and nobody could go in and nobody could go out, even staffers were not allowed.”

Reacting to the sack of the Director General of the DSS, Mr. Lawal Daura, Folami said, “I think also that beyond the DSS sack, the Inspector General of Police too must go, to send a message to other security agencies that you cannot take laws into your hands, even if somebody was asking you to do it you must first consider if it was a lawful order to carry out.”

Also responding to a question on whether the action of the Acting President does not suggest that the President was slow to taking such actions, he said, “yes, it has to be, because they are all his relatives, he has appointed members of his family,

the close and distant relatives, people have been appointed on considerations other than merit, so in an attempt to seek blind loyalty, these are the kind of plans of the people the President has assembled around himself.

“If the President were in the country today that fellow would have gotten away with what he did, but I am sure that the Vice President could not have taken that decision without consulting the President, because these are the President’s relatives, but given the stark reality of it he would have had no other escape route other than to agree that the fellow should go.”

According to him, the invasion of the National Assembly is tantamount to a coup against the Nigerian people and those involved should be handled as such, “It is unthinkable, seriously, I saw it first on Ajazera and also listened to Sen. Murray Bruce when he said all Embassies in Nigeria have been informed about what was going on.

“Really to the world it was like there was a military coup in Nigeria that was the impression, because if you want to look at it, always when there was this coup it was always the legislature that was the first to be sacked, so if you lay a siege there from all considerations it was a coup against democracy.

“So, the critical question now is if the Acting President was not in acting position at this time, won’t these people continue to get away with what they are doing?

The Inspector General of Police did his own, laid siege on the residence of the Senate President and his deputy and nothing happened, all of these continue to point to some other agenda that is really inimical to this democracy, He said.

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