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SA rapper ‘accidentally’ shows penis on Instagram live Emptee

There’s strong reaction in the South African press after local rapper Emtee accidentally exposed his penis on Instagram Live.

Times Live says the rapper, whose full name is Mthembeni Ndevu, has “stood tall despite the frenzy that erupted around leaked pictures of his manhood”.

While entertainment site ZAlebs says people have been recreating the situation using the hashtag #emteechallenge. The site suggests this is a good thing for the rapper.

“You know you’ve made it when you mess up and a challenge is started after you,” it explains.

Emtee told Times Live how it happened:

I was in the toilet and answering fans’ questions on Instagram live. I needed to pee but without thinking I used the same hand I was holding my phone while I was doing my thing and used the same hand to flush.
I didn’t even think about it until I realised what I had done and I immediately apologised.”

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