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Rukky Sanda Gives Politicians Hard-Knock

Still in the spirit of the 2015 election, Nollywood actress and Love Lorn producer, Rukky Sanda who hasn’t featured in any movie lately has quit being silent over electoral matters and  has stepped out to caution the political party that lost out in the Presidential race. It has been observed that after the announcement of the winner of the most powerful seat of power, some celebrities have had their tails tucked in between their legs as they now pledge loyalty to President-Elect, Muhammad Buhari. To this end, Rukky has therefore called on politicians to learn a lesson from their mistake as it isn’t the number of entertainers they hire  as a campaign strategy that determine their winning chances, but the masses.
According to her, “I hope they learnt that it’s not about how many celebrities have your back but the masses… Celebrities are only a tiny fraction of the entire population.”

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