Roswell Community Masjid appoints Ali Awad as Social Media Director


By Joy Obakeye

Ali Awad better known as the CEO Lawyer has been appointed as the new social media director for Roswell Community Masjid. Ali Awad Esq is a Georgia based attorney, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is also the founder and managing attorney at ALI AWAD LAW, P.C.

He said as the new social media director for Roswell Community Masjid in Roswell, Georgia, his duties included helping educate the general public about Islam and encourage open dialogue from various faiths.

Ali hopes to accomplish this through creative videos, interactive lessons, and various programs for the Muslim youth, converts, and those simply interested in knowing more about Islam.

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“I donate all of my time and resources because I believe in the cause, and I feel it’s important for people to have a bias or judge-free zone to ask question, learn, and discuss various aspects of the Islamic faith” Ali says.

He hopes this will help foster goodwill and reduce the animosity towards Muslims in general. He says Islam is a religion of peace and he hopes to inspire the younger generation to be proud Muslims who follow the teachings of Muhammad (SAW)

Ali explained that the Arabic word masjid means “a place of prostration” to God is any house or open area of prayer in Islam in other words a Mosque.

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