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Rihanna’s New Single Gets Horrible Online Reaction

Guess everybody has their own time to shine and after you have paid your dues, someone else takes over the spot light.

The pop music world exploded this morning as Rihanna released her new single “B*tch Better Have My Money.” It’s an urban club banger that finds Rihanna more rebellious than ever. However, the song has been received horribly on many websites. Here are some of the reactions;

“She can’t sing at all, sounds like a pitchy teenage girl trying to get ‘turn up’ FOH. Still beautiful and a boss, but there’s a limit. lol,” says one Huffington Post user.

“I have to say, as a fan, I’m a little disappointed. This track does nothing for me,” says another poster.

The comments on the site Gossip Cop were similar.

“This is horrible. What happened to her saying the new music would be timeless. This is totally horrible and forgettable. As a fan of Rihanna I’m disappointed,” said a user named Shirl.

Let’s hope Rihanna doesn’t read what people are saying on Twitter.

THANK YOU. RT: @drcorton um… #bbhmm is awful? what the hell Rihanna we didn’t wait 3 years for crap.

— Lucas Witherspoon (@LucasLascivious) March 26, 2015

I’m sorry but Rihanna’s bbhmm is trash and awful smh

— baddiebey (@beyfreakum) March 26, 2015

Even a popular music critic, Jim Farber of the New York Daily News slammed Rihanna’s latest offering.

“The three-and-a-half-minute song – first teased early Thursday morning through snips on the new app Dubsmash- sounds like something you’d sooner expect from Ri’s recent collaborator, Kanye West. It’s a shadowy, repetitive, half-sung/half-rapped piece of attitude, more a riff than a song.”

Many people thought Rihanna’s new album, tentatively titled R8, was going to be released today along with the new single. Judging by the reaction, Rihanna may want to rework the album before revealing it to the general public. But Rihanna isn’t the only pop star having troubles. Recent albums by Madonna and Mariah Carey have been ignored by the general public, despite receiving good reviews. In 2013, albums by Lady Gaga and Britney Spears were complete flops.

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