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Rihanna May Star in Leonardo Dicaprio's Next Film

Rihanna is said to be in talks for a role in rumoured boyfriend, Leonardo DiCaprio’s next movie.

Leo is to play the role of a criminal, while singer Rihanna may play one of his victims. According to what a source told UK mirror:

“Leo has been working intensely on this project and chatting about it with Rihanna and they both think it would make sense for her to be in the movie.

“They want to spend as much time together as possible and this would be a huge bonding experience as she’s already been helping with his research into the character.

The couple who are rumoured to be dating have been spotted together looking cosy numerous times in the past few weeks. Although Leo’s PR has denied it.

However,, says Rihanna’s relationship with Leo is hotting up as they are spending more and more time together. Rihanna is currently in France for Paris Fashion Week – has been made to feel at home in Leo’s Los Angeles home, being treated to her own special areas including a room specifically for her to smoke in;

”It’s like she’s practically moved in. Leo has been sweet and cordoned off little areas for her in the home that are just for her, like a smoke room.”

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