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Restructure Nigeria now for fairness, equity, justice -Itsekiri urge FG

The Itsekiri Ethnic Nationality on Thursday called for restructuring of the country for equity, fairness, truth and justice.

Addressing newsmen and top leaders of Itsekiri nation at the palace of the Olu of Warri, the people maintained that the call was pertinent such that any ethnic nationality, that contribute immensely to the Nation’s economic resources should be rewarded accordingly in relation to their contributions, irrespective of their demographic status.

In a statement read by the Executive Secretary, Olu-in-Council, Chief Kofi Kartey on behalf of the Itsekiri National Forum, the ethnic group also support the mounting call for a National Conference with equal participation of each ethnic nationality and within a legal frame work to guarantee freedom in the examination and determination, among other critical issues for national development.

“Such national conference should also take into reckoning the work that was done at the 2014 Confab. At the end of it all, the conclusions should be put to a referendum of the people so that the outcome shall truly be felt by Nigerians”, said the forum in their statement.

Besides, the people called for the protection and development of the minority in ensuring of ethnic nationalities comprised in the state to continue to co-exist together in peace, prosperity and progress as citizens of one country united in common interest and destiny.

According to them, the restructuring of the revenue sharing formula and devolution of powers between the federal government and the confederation states or regions to ensure fiscal federalism, adding, “We therefore advocate that the federating states must retain some measures of independence and autonomy”.












Joe Abu, Warri


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