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Reduce Presidential Air Fleet, FG Advised

The Federal government has been urged to reduce the large fleet of aircraft in the Presidential Air Fleet (PAF).

An aviation expert, Olu Ohuanyo who made this call in an interview explained that the large fleet was unnecessary for a country bleeding financially due to prolonged mismanagement and recent low crude oil price.

According to him “The fleet should be reduced to the barest minimum, and the remaining aircraft should either be sold off or used as the bed rock for a new aircraft leasing company not to start a national carrier”

Ohunayo noted that illegal charter flights were operated by civil and military aircraft, an issued he said has remained unresolved.


He said military participation in civil charter was illegal and detrimental to commercial charter operators which remained a threat to security and professionalism.


Ohunayo urged the incoming government to address the issue through the industry regulator by educating the users about the dangers of illegal charter issuing that it was capable of putting insurance coverage in jeopardy, create unfair competition and hinder the growth of legitimate operators.


According to the aviation expert, the recently introduced luxury tax for charter and private operations by the ministry of finance was a bit too late but commendable warning that it must be implemented to achieve its objective.


On appointment in various parastatals in the last four years, Ohunayo said the organisations were improperly structured noting that the airport authority was worse off urging unions to brace up by protecting career professionals and public servants.


He said the agencies needed reforms and reorganization to ensure improved service delivery and revenue generation.


Ohunayo explained that the consolidation of the industry will be the best transformation and there was need to stop the rot and foot dragging of operators, regulators and government.


He urged NCAA to focus on technical and safety oversight and their core competence.


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