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Reds and Greens opens ultramodern fresh foods outlet  

An ultramodern crops and livestock outlet has been opened to the Nigerian public by Reds and Greens Agricultural Company.

The facility situated in the Lekki axis of Lagos state offers state of the art livestock supply, commercial butchery, wholesale and retail, with added convenience of quality, freshness and delivery guaranteed for the buyer.

Reds and Greens Agricultural Company is a unique new food service business concept that boasts an exceptional range of fresh food crops and livestock offered at affordable prices to buyers, bulk breakers, resellers and retailers.

Speaking at the launch of the mega facility, the executive director, Mr Kenneth Okonkwo disclosed that the service-oriented enterprise sources for products directly from partner farms.

Reds and Greens opens ultramodern fresh foods outlet  2“We started with survey on tomatoes supply chain and realized that this product was readily available in the north, particularly in Kano and Kaduna and we devised the best innovative ways to move it into Lagos and the south western part of Nigeria, maintaining a reasonably competitive price, ” he said.

Okonkwo stated that the brand also carved out areas to concentrate on for the next three years.
“In carving out those areas the name Reds and Greens came into existence. Reds representing all protein, beef, goat meat, pork, fish, poultry. Greens, anything that grows on land; tomatoes and onions,” he said.

He further talked about their strategies in achieving the task ahead which includes backward integration with local farmers.

“We are also looking at areas of developing the market by providing the farmers with seeds and take-off.

With the current disease causing the low supply in tomato products, he said the outlet has adopted strategies to curtail shortage in supply.

“Right now that there is no tomato, we are able to bring in about 100 baskets of tomato from Cameroon and we didn’t go to Cameroon, our farmers went to get to ensure we have supplies.

He noted that power supply shortage remains the number one challenge of the business and takes up a major chunk of expenses.

“We are volume driven so we believe that everything required to ensure that we optimize the use of power have been taken into consideration to ensure we are running at a minimum of 70% optimization,’’ he said.

Okonkwo noted a lot of emphasis is placed on research carried out by a well experienced team of personnel.

Reds and Greens opens ultramodern fresh foods outlet  1
Reds and Greens opens ultramodern fresh foods outlet  1

He however called on the government to sustain diversification efforts in the agricultural sector country through provision of intervention funds to help boost production and delivery.

Mrs. Isioma Emina, a partner in the dream of Reds and Green extolled the level of hygiene of Reds and Greens and success in getting the butchers sync with the brands ideology.
“We have done series of training; food handlers test and meat handling test and a continuous reorientation,” she said.
She further called on the government to play a part in improving the sector particularly areas they have made conscious effort to meet international standards.

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