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Red Chinese Restaurant, the ultimate oriental experience

China is known for many things and its cuisines is one of its popular cultures across the globe. Chinese cuisines are staples in most cities of the world and Nigeria is not an exception. They are quite ubiquitous in high-rated hotels and restaurants and found in upscale environments. Its popularity is embedded in its impressive history in the culinary business. From magical delicacies to breathtaking traditions all adds to the holistic experience. However, there are three peculiarities of a Chinese restaurants. Its ambience, food and services. These three elements blend together to give the traditional feel of the country.
Stepping into the city of Lagos, one could be confronted with the problem of finding a good Chinese restaurant that offers that distinct Oriental experience. Red Chinese restaurant provides that unique experience for its guests. Situated in the serene ambience of Eko Hotels and Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos, Red Chinese restaurant is the new attraction in the hotel that reflects the hotel’s commitment to give its clients the best international standards. Occupying a vast space at the Eko Convention Centre, the Asian restaurant provides a breathtaking scenery of the waterfront and the beautiful landscape of the hotel. Its tall windows gives a panoramic view of the swimming pool and lagoon restaurant with its palm trees. The picture reminds one of an artistic painting in an exhibition. Marked with an aesthetic designs of mahogany, lights and marble at the entrance, a guest is swept in an overwhelming traditional ambience.
Perked at the doorway is the hostess. She is dressed in a Chinese attire and welcomes the guest with a smile as wide as a slice of water melon and a bow. She gives the guest a mini-tour of the restaurant as she waltzed him/her to his/her seat, that is if you have a reservation. The manager Xiambin Sun popularly called Scott is all smiles as he introduces himself and sees to the immediate service of the guest demands.
The 62-seating capacity restaurant boasts of a lounge, a bar and the dining. The bar is shaped like a big half moon and parades all kinds of beverages. From cognacs to champagnes, vodkas, Apperitos and spirits. The bar also boasts of an impressive length that accommodates 11 seats, all in gold colour. There is also a modern espresso machine at the bar. Beside the bar is a DJ booth. According to Sun, the restaurant will have an in-house DJ that will serenade the guests with good and tasty music while they enjoy the meals.
Being a colourful restaurant, the three dominant colours in the restaurant is red, gold and black. Some of the seats are in gold while the floors are black and shiny. The restaurant’s name is derived from China’s historical colour, red. The red colour is significant in the Oriental culture as represented in their flag. It radiates happiness and mostly used in festivals in the country. Thus, it is not surprised to find a touch of red in the restaurant. The lounge seats are all red, there is a red water cup in each dining set, the aesthetic design on the bar is dotted in red and of course the red cabinet.
Speaking of the red cabinet, it is a major traditional feature in a Chinese restaurant setting. The cabinet occupies cutlery and other items used in the restaurant. Sun explained that the cabinet is kept in view so that the waiters can easily access it instead of making the long journey to the kitchen where they can encounter minor accidents.
Another traditional feature in the restaurant is the seating arrangement. It is a beautiful blend of business and family seating style. The business style can occupy two to four persons in a seating. This seating boasts of a rectangular table with black and red chairs. However, the family seating can occupy six to ten persons in a seating. For the family seating, a round table is used to allow easy sharing. There is also the Lazy Susan, a prominent feature in Chinese dining.
A Lazy Susan is a circular rotating tray placed at the center of a table and used to easily share a large number of dishes among the diners. Chopsticks, wine glasses, soup spoon, a small water cup, dinner knives and forks, a table mat and the folded table napkins adorns the dining table. The seats in the family setting are all gold. Still on the traditional features of the restaurant, the restaurant is a dazzling swirl of lights. From the entrance, dazzling boxes of light sources cast a dynamic illumination on the hallway. Inside, it is a royal feast of golden and white glow. Chandeliers, luminous bulbs all adds to the warm and ritzy ambience of the restaurant.
With a Chinese chef and a manager with 13 years of experience, Red promises a wide variety of Chinese delicacies and exceptional ones too. For instance, the spring rolls which is a staple in the Asian cuisine is served in a creative artistic style. In Red, it is called the Prawn rolls because of the addition of prawns to this traditional meal. There is also the Red Special Fried Rice. This dish is a beautiful blend of seafood, vegetables and eggs. The XO Seafood Sauce- a chilly combination of dried scallops, shrimps, chilli peppers, onions and garlics- enhances the taste of the rice, giving the palettes a magical and unforgettable taste. Traditional Chinese soups are served and there are plans to have the guests witness an in-house baking of a duck. According to Sun, dumplings are part of the Chinese tradition. Having the guest take part in the dumpling ritual will create an eye-catching experience.
Red is commited to providing the best Oriental experience in Victoria Island, and beyond. It caters to tourists, upwardly mobile executives and absolutely everyone with a distinctive taste for Chinese cuisines. It is ideal for any kind of occasion: romantic dinner, business dates, family dinners or social outings. It provides an irresistible and infectious aura with its scenic view and premium services. Its doors opens by six pm and closes at the midnight hour daily.

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