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Reasons Nigerian Consumers Engage Multiple Service Providers — Accenture Report

Despite the fiery competition among mobile telecommunication operators in their quest to garner more subscribers in the Nigeria market, consumers are still bent on using more than one service provider to meet their communication needs, which according to an Accenture 2015 Digital Consumer Survey is not a popular trend globally.

According to the Accenture 2015 Digital Consumer Survey report, globally, consumers engage the use of a single service provider to manage communication and entertainment products because they believe that this aids security.

Accenture’s Managing Director, Tom Loozen said at the recently concluded Mobile World Congress (MWC) that Consumers’ preferences for a single, trusted provider also place Service Providers in the spotlight, adding that “ this can be a distinct advantage for Service Providers(SPs), because they can combine their expertise in building and managing IP networks with their  increased capabilities to develop and deliver new, customer-focused services that incorporate data analytics for highly personalized services. As a result, SPs are positioned to do well in the digital ecosystem.”

“However, in Nigeria this is not the case as individuals and organisations use different SPs on their different devices. Businesses may stand on the fact that the use of different SPs makes it easier to connect with their customers. Also connected to this is the issue of signals in different areas in Nigeria. Due to the terrain of the country, the networks provided by some SPs may or may not work in some locations. Thus it may be wise to employ the services of more than one SP in order to be within reach at all times,” Loozen added.

On his part, Group Managing Director Accenture Digital, Jim Bailey, at the 2015 MWC opined also that “with the potential of digital technology to transform business and thus the economy at large, a unique partnership with mobile manufacturers and service providers should be considered. Though it may seem like the functions of mobile manufacturers and service providers are clearly different in the business of digital technologies, collaboration with both parties can transform not just individual lives but the face of business.

“Mobile manufacturers should continually design, manufacture and sell wireless technological equipment that allow for seamless business transactions and interactions. And on the other hand, service providers should ensure that information is efficiently and effectively transmitted. The benefits of this partnership are innumerable with some including the ability to create new revenue opportunities, increase product and service development speed, an increase in customer engagement and also help create new markets for business.”

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