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Reasons Your Natural Hair is Growing Too Slow

Do you ever see natural hair which is as old as yours but longer? Does your natural hair feel it’s growing so slow? There are reasons your hair could be breaking more than it’s growing.

Pulling Hair Too Tight: It’s trendy and makes your braids look amazing but having your hair braided too tight or pulled back in a tight bun weakens your hair follicles and cause it to shed. You see those white-looking things on your scalp when you have tight braids in? Particularly the edges that look like dandruff, if you take a closer look at it, you would notice those white things are bulb-like and that’s sign of your hair strands being pulled forcefully from the follicle. This can lead to Traction Alopecia.


Relaxed Hair: It isn’t news that relaxers cause our natural hair to break. These creamy substances which are supposed to straighten the hair are laden with chemicals that are quite dangerous. This is why a lot of people are dumping relaxers are joining the natural hair carcus, they can’t believe they’ve been missing out on healthy hair. Nonetheless, some are still sticking to relaxers and growing long hair with it. One of their rules include relaxing once-twice a year amongst others.

Too Much Dye: Dyes alter the structure of the hair especially if you are going blond which is always almost the case. Going blond from a dark colour requires your hair to be stripped in order to go two to three shades lighter. This is usually the work of bleaching. Dying your hair is however not all bad if you take care of your hair. Dying your hair means it is easily dry and susceptible to breakage, the logical thing to do would be adding all the moisture your hair lacks through conditioning.

Mutiat Alli

Too Much petroleum or Mineral Oil-Laden Products: A lot of products which are supposed to make your hair shine or even grow fast contain these products in excesses. Making use of much of these products on your hair to give you the result advertised on the package will cause more harm than good.

Trimmed Split Ends: Split ends happen when the ends of your hair are disregarded. It’s very common to get carried away with applying creams and oils to the scalp and the body of your hair that you forget to pay attention to the ends. The ends are the oldest part of your hair and are more fragile if not taken care of. So remember to seal your ends after moisturizing, be careful not to over comb your hair or doing anything that would result in them being dry. If you are experiencing split ends, do not hold on to them, have them trimmed the moment you notice them.

Cotton on your Hair: There’s a reason natural hair experts advocate sleeping with satin or silk scarf on or using a satin pillow case. The reason being that cotton is very absorbent so using cotton scarves or sleeping on a cotton pillow case will have the cotton material sucking in moisture from your hair. So invest in satin or silk scarves, they are actually prettier than cotton scarves.


Wrong Protective Style: Every natural hair guru swears one of the ways to growing long hair is by protective styles. Wearing protective styles like braids, weaves, wigs ensure that your hands are away from your hair and give it a rest from all the combing and other manipulations. A lot of people however forget about their underneath. If you neglect it, it will do more harm than good, resulting in a lot of breakage.

Too Much Heat: For the naturals, it’s common to want straight hair from time to time or bigger hair with even more volume. Heat appliances do these and they are not bad on their own. Using them constantly is however bad for your hair especially when you are not caring for them. Even if you are, taking a break from using heat appliances will produce great results.

Not Moisturizing: Not moisturizing your hair means you absolutely cannot be bothered about the life of your hair. African natural hair tends to get dry easily, and when it’s dry it breaks resulting in hair loss. The reason hair breaks more than it grows is dryness. Anything that sucks the moisture out of your hair will result in breakage.









Mutiat Alli

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