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Reasons to love a gray sofa

Some design decisions are just difficult. Choosing a simple white paint for your ceiling can take days of staring at paint chips until you start seeing spots. Picking a sofa is no different. The options for fabric, size, material, shape and more are enough to make your head spin. But there’s one way you can make this process a little easier. Whatever else you do, go with gray. Here are top 10 reasons why going gray is the safest bet you can make.

It’s the most neutral colour
Because gray is a mixture of black and white, with little or no specific color undertone, it is the most neutral hue possible, meaning it can anchor absolutely any color scheme. Gray makes colors pop, you can play with pillow accents endlessly and they will never clash. Trends will come and go, but gray will always slip right into a new palette perfectly.

It’s essential for cool colors
Pale blues, acid greens, popping purples and anything in between play perfectly off gray’s clean slate, whereas they may clash with warm tones, like beige, sand or taupe, or feel too extreme against black. If you like a cool contemporary palette but scared of the upkeep of clean white, a gray sofa is a must-have.

It works with hot hues
A true gray is not warm but also not cold either, so it suits hot hues, like red, orange, yellow and pink.

It ties colors together
Besides working well with any individual color in the spectrum, gray also has the power to connect diverse hues to create a coherent palette. Solid gray is an excellent choice to pair with a bold-patterned rug, if you are not confident in your pattern mixing skills.

It dresses up simple forms
Gray has an inherently sophisticated quality (especially in dark, moody shades), so even the simplest sofa shape will look high end dressed in a stark gray fabric.

It can be soft
Like beige and white, gray can be easily dressed in a soft, shabby chic or cottage-inspired style with accessories like linen or twill pillows, draped knit blankets, pale woods and faded colors. Despite not being an inherently warm color, gray has a warm sensibility.

It can be sharp
If you prefer a sleeker and more tailored look, gray is the perfect complement to graphic patterns or glam accessories, working equally well with silver tones, luxe gold or crisp black lines. Ultimately, it is the choice of accessories that defines the mood, be it contemporary, traditional, eclectic or something else.
It can be luxe
Since gray balances light and dark, it’s effective at revealing textures like plush velvet, supple wool and timeless tweed. When you seek out a quality sofa, it’s smart to choose a color that’s easy to maintain while showing off your investment to its ultimate potential.

It can be a feature
In a subdued neutral palette, a gray sofa adds weight to balance out airy whites or creams, and emphasizes the subtle undertones in the surrounding neutrals.

It can take a backseat if you wish
A gray sofa also works well in spaces that do show lots of. A gray sofa won’t pull focus from what you want to have featured, so your prized art collection, cherished photos or stunning rug can be the star of the show.

It can grow with you
A gray sofa isn’t just an easy choice for your look right now, it’s a smart investment in your future. If taken care of, a quality gray couch can be the most grown-up piece in your first apartment. But someday, whether in a few years or a few decades, it can also have a place in your dream home.









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