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Reasons why some ladies don’t paint their nails

The old fashion is now very common in our society today, and these fashion is in different ways and forms. And one of this fashion is the ladies leaving their natural nails, without polishing it the way other ladies does. But there are so many reasons why some have decided not to polish their nails at all, even though is part of the fashion nowadays. The main reasons why ladies polish their nails is just to look nice, and they believe their nails is part of the things guy sees in a lady that attract guys to them. But on the other hand it’s a total waste of time to some ladies, even some guys like when a lady paints their nails these kind of ladies still don’t care about it. The same things goes to the guys some guys like it when a lady paint their nails, while some hate it because they think it’s a teen stuff not for matured ladies. When you ask ladies that paint their nails why do they like painting their nails, most of them said its makes them look feminine. Even some will go as far painting the nails every week, just to makes sure they look beautiful. Ladies that paint their nails believe it makes their dressing look nice and complete, especially when they are going for a special occasion like wedding and all.

When you ask some ladies why they don’t like polishing their nails, some say it’s just a waste of time and effort. Some even said instead of wasting their time on painting their nails, they would rather look for better thing to do with their time and not on nails. A lady said she would rather cut and file her nails than painting, because who is she trying to impress? Even the guys that ladies are painting the nails for are not even noticing, so what is the essence of disturbing herself. A lady said she hate painting her nails because, when she is cooking she believe some of the paint will peel inside the food; because it’s a chemical that is harmful to the body system so what’s the essence of paint.

Some part of the religion in Nigeria does not support such things, so ladies that falls under this kind of religion will definitely not polish their nails for once. Some Muslim schools don’t allow it at all, a lady that attends one of these schools said, they are not allowed to polish their nails; because before they enter the school premises, some people will check their nails so that is why ladies in that school don’t paint their nails at all. Same thing applies to some Christians, some Bible believing churches don’t allow painting too, be4cause they see it as a sin. Some spiritual churches are not left out, ninety percent of ladies that attend this kind of churches don’t bother to polish their nails because if they do, they will have to clean it off before they enter the church, so they are used to leaving their nails natural.

The reasons why some ladies don’t even like to polish is because, when they don’t have money to go to the salon to paint their nails, they will try to paint it themselves. But when they do it’s all messed up because, when they use their right hand to paint the left hand, they can’t use the left hand to paint the right hand neatly is always rough and ugly. So that is discouraging, some number of ladies said, they prefer to go to the salon to do manicure and pedicure and just add some colorless nail treatments than painting it.

When you go to hospitals, you will never find a female doctor having paint on her nails, because medically it is not good because some part of the chemicals used in producing them cause some damages to our health. But new research may chip away at your worry-free tradition of weekly mani-pedis: A study led by Duke University and the public health advocacy organization Environmental Working Group suggests that we absorb at least one potentially hormone-disrupting chemical every time we get a polish. While the impact of this chemical on our health is still unclear, the fact that our body can absorb chemicals through nail polish is cause for concern. The chemical in question is Triphenyl phosphate, or TPP. Companies add it to products to make them less flammable, although in nail polish it’s used to make the product stick more strongly to the nail.

Some ladies that does not even have a beautiful hand still they don’t polish their nails, all they do is to make sure their nails are neat at all time and well filled and it bring out the beauty of their hand. So they are more confident with their natural nails and can boldly go anywhere with their natural nails. Instead of polishing some even like to keep their nails long, neat and well filled at all time, the long nails have its own beauty on its own without any nail polish. Some ladies don’t even like keeping or painting their nails at all, all they do is to cut their nails to the extreme. They don’t even allow any nail to grow, so they even go about cutting their nails with their teeth even though it’s a bad habit.



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