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Reason Temitope, Olujuwon Obasanjo’s marriage collapse

By: Isaac Oguntoye

When Temitope Adebutu , daughter of billionaire businessman ,Kessignton Adebutu, was tying the knots with  former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s son ,Olujonwo, exactly a year ago in a lavish wedding ceremony, nobody envisaged that they would turn enemies in just a year.

It is no longer news that a few months after the solemnization the marriage, the former lovebirds have gone their separate ways, calling for each other’s heads.

It was gathered that the fight has taken a new dimension, as the estranged husband has taken the wife to court seeking divorce.

While real reason the multimillion naira wedding did not last long.

Olujonwo is said to have dragged Temitope before the Ogun State Judicial Service Commission and the Magistrate Court in Lagos Island over allegations of domestic violence against him.

Olujuwon, who alleged that Temitope subjected him to repeated acts of domestic violence, added that she also threatened to kill him.

It will be recalled that Olujonwo’s mother, Taiwo Obasanjo, made a fuss about the wedding last year when she went to court to try to stop it.

She had claimed that she received a spiritual warning against her son having a big wedding and that if he wanted to throw an elaborate wedding at all, it must be done after his 34th birthday in June.

Despite her pleas and objection, Olujonwo and Tope, with the full support of their fathers, had a flamboyant wedding in May 2017.

Following the recent development, the Adebutu family has risen in defense of their daughter, accusing their son-in-law  of being economical with the truth.

‘Temitope is a gentle lady with proper upbringing.  She has never hurt a fly all her life. The man is just looking for a way to tarnish her hard-earned image,’’ a source said.

Reacting to the development, another source described Olujuwon  as an ingrate that bit the hands that fed him, adding that  “Junwo Obasanjo must have forgotten to tell the court that he married Tope Adebutu for material gains.

“Before the wedding in 2017, he got a contract from Tope’s brother, Segun Adebutu, who is the CEO of Petrolex Oil and Gas. He was awarded the contract and was paid N35 million. But he didn’t execute the contract or refund the money.

“Mr Segun Adebutu did that to help Junwo who was living in his father’s house before and after the marriage. He lived in one of the apartments at the OBJ’s hilltop estate in Abeokuta.

“If Tope was living just a stone throw from Baba Obasanjo’s apartment at the Hilltop mansion, then, how could she have assaulted her husband without his father getting to know?

“Aside the fact that Juwon didn’t have enough money to maintain his home and wife, the marriage suffered constant interferences from his mum, Taiwo Obasanjo, who didn’t like her son’s choice of wife.

“At some point in the marriage, after he had abandoned his home, he sent a separation letter to his estranged wife, asking for a separation and promising that they remain friends.”

Also in a counter affidavit sworn by the lady and made available to us, she stated that trouble began to rear it ugly head right immediately after the wedding when he began to treat her with belligerence, cruelty, reprehensible and un warranted hostility. It was stated that this treatment continued to negatively affect their marriage to the extent that he allegedly left her to travel to the principality of Monaco alone on 17th of June, 2017 for their honeymoon only to come five days later.

According to the affidavit, she alleged that she was subjected to the trauma and discomfort of living in his bedroom at his father’s house with the promise that their matrimonial home was undergoing renovation and refurbishment, amazedly, they are yet to move in.

She also stated that her husband did not stay in the marriage is because of his repulsive attitude towards her. ‘’ During the marriage few times we spent together he was fond of calling me unprintable names including but not limited to ugly, fat, smelly, cancer. He always used to torment me with expressions such as ‘ I married you out of convenience’ our wedding was a sham, if I didn’t marry you no one else would’’

It was further stated that she endured this trauma till March this year when the young Obasanjo approached her after allegedly deserting him for over four months and informed her that he was no longer interested in the marriage.

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